The Story of the Archangel Michael

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The most well-known Archangel in God’s armies, the Archangel Michael is also the most often summoned for his might and his protection.  His powerful image defeating the devil has made Archangel Michael popular among believers of the Christian faith and followers of angelology.  Seen as a fierce spiritual warrior, today we will unveil all the details we know about his story. 

Archangel Michael’s Tasks

There exists a hierarchy in the angelical world.  In their army, the Archangel Metatron is seated next to God, the angels are the soldiers, and Archangel Michael is the bravest general in that army.  That’s why he’s known as Satan and sin’s biggest enemy. 

His name means “whom, like God,” and he’s present in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. Clad in a warrior’s armor resembling that of a Roman Centurion’s, Archangel Michael is typically portrayed wielding a sword in his right hand and a balance in his left.

His beautiful open wings are a symbol of his will to act and his alertness, for there, at his feet laid his defeated foe.  That slain demon is sometimes portrayed as a serpent, other times a dragon, and sometimes, a demon with the wings of a bat.

And Why Does He Wield a Balance?

Among the missions of Archangel Michael is the task of weighing the souls of all the sinners and all the pious alike for Judgement Day.  This task is so important in Christianity that it’s similar, in a way, to the Egyptian legend of The Judgement of Osiris and it denotes the importance that Archangel Michael has in holding up God’s will. 

However, there are other illustrations of Archangel Michael in which he is depicted not with a balance in his left hand, but with a shield. In some others, he simply grasps a spear with both hands.

Archangel Michael’s Hidden Mission

It is believed that Archangel Michael’s most essential (and most difficult) mission is to be the harbinger of Death.  This turns him into an even more mysterious spirit, for one can fear his punishment, or plead with him for eternal rest.  It is important to remember that all angels, archangels, seraphs, and cherubs follow God’s Divine Will.

That is why the last kiss of the archangel Michael, while still in his role as an Angel of Death brings with it infinite piety and love.  It should be noted that, in other traditions, the archangel Azrael is considered to be the true Angel of death. Protector of the innocent, of just causes, and of the Church, the Archangel Michael is the Captain of Divine justice.

When Should I Invoke the Archangel Michael?

As we mentioned when we discovered the secrets of the Archangels, they are in charge of teaching the guardian angels how to fulfill their role without intervening or altering God’s plan.  Human affairs typically correspond to the guardian angels, not the Archangels… However, you can always count on the help of any heavenly spirit when you need it.

Ask Archangel Michael for justice when you feel helpless, company when you feel lonely, and guidance when you don’t know what decision to make.   He will take his balance and help you decide what’s best for your peace of mind and spiritual growth.

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