What Is Enochian Language?

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Enochian language is an ancient angelic language that is quite possibly the earliest language in existence.  This mysterious language was communicated by angelic Enochian beings to John Dee and Edward Kelly of England in the late 16th century.  John Dee was an occultist and an advisor to Queen Elizabeth the first. He teamed up with Edward Kelly who was a seer.  Both John Dee and Edward Kelly claim to have engaged in hundreds of conversations with the Enochian Angels. The Enochian language’s validity is debatable by some critics, but to others, it serves as the most sacred and magical language of the universe.

An alphabet for the Enochian Language

The Enochian language comes with a complete alphabet that was recorded in the private journals of John Dee and Edward Kelly.  The Enochian alphabet consists of non-English letters, or glyphs, but has been said to use very similar syntax and grammar of the English language. Some critics claim the alphabet is too similar to John Dee and Edward Kelly’s own language and was not divine in origins.  The Enochian language is read from right to left. 

Books about the Enochian Language

John Dee and Edward Kelly composed a collection of material for their book, Liber Loagaeth (“Book of Speech from God”).  The book consists of all Enochian grammar, syntax, and contains 49 letter tables of Enochian words and phrases.  John Dee composed another book called, The Angelical or Enochian Keys, which is composed of 48 poetic verses in Enochian language.  The poetic verses correspond to the Enochian Magical system. It has been said that some of John Dee and Edward Kelly’s work have been lost. However, some of their work on the Enochian language can be found in Sloane Documents found within the British Museum in London.

The Enochian Language and its system of MagicOver a period of seven years, John Dee and Edward Kelly began to discover the Enochian system of Magic from their communications with the angels.  The two engaged in many ritualistic skryings in which they held conversations with the angels. John Dee and Edward Kelly arranged the language on a grid of letters that became known as the Enochian tablets.  The names of various elemental powers are engraved upon the tablets. It is said the secret names of holy angels can be invoked during a ceremony from the tablets. The tablets are arranged within a hierarchy structure.  Altogether there are five Enochian tablets.

Each tablet represents one of the elements – fire, water, earth, and air. The fifth tablet is smaller and corresponds to the fifth element, the element of spirit, or ether. Parts of the tablets corresponded with specific spiritual dominions, or Aethyrs.  These tablets are also known as the “Four Watchtowers of the Universe.” Today, there are several versions of the Enochian tablets available in circulation. This system of Enochian language was adopted by the Golden Dawn many years later.  Enochian tablets play an important role in modern ceremonial magic.  They also hold correspondences to Kabbalistic teachings, such as the tree of life.

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