Who is Archangel Gabriel?

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Archangel Gabriel is an angel well known in Jewish, Christian and Islamic traditional theologies of thought.  He is also known as one of the four powerful Archangels within the Judeo-Christian religion. Within these archangels, Gabriel is one of the two highest-ranking.  He is the ruler of the Cherubim order of Angels. The name Gabriel means, “God is my strength”. The Celestial title given to archangel Gabriel is “power of God”.

Archangel Gabriel is known as the “messenger angel.”  For example, one of the most famous messages Gabriel gives is the message of Jesus’s birth to Mary in the New Testament. Gabriel also appears in Daniel Chapter 8 of the Bible.  Here, he gives Daniel the message of the coming of the Messiah. In Islam, Gabriel reveals the message of the Koran to the prophet Muhammad. Many Muslims place high importance on Gabriel and consider him the “spirit of truth.”

Archangel Gabriel Esoteric Correspondences

Archangel Gabriel rules the Moon.  He corresponds to the tarot cards that relate to the Moon within certain Zodiac Signs.  Exclusion is the High Priestess, as this card is solely ruled by the Moon. The other cards are; 6 of Pentacles (Moon in Taurus); 4 of Cups (Moon in Cancer); 2 of Swords (Moon in Libra); 9 of Wands (Moon in Sagittarius); and the 7 of Swords (Moon in Aquarius). 

Archangel Gabriel is associated with the element of water.  He is in charge of looking after the purity of water on earth.  He is especially connected to those zodiac signs possessing a water element. Those signs are Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio.  Archangel Gabriel also rules over the zodiac sign of Cancer. He especially watches over those born under the Sun in Cancer.  He helps these individuals develop their intuitive and compassionate nature. He also helps them to find balance within their emotions when their emotions are unbalanced.  Cancerians often have problems facing confrontations. Archangel Gabriel helps them with issues of intimidation and fear of confrontation. 

There are appropriate times to carry out certain activities according to the planetary hours. Ancient Astrologers knew this.  In the book, “Angels A to Z, Second Edition, the author mentions the Swiss Astrologer and Alchemist Paracelsus and how he “always chose to prepare chemical compounds on days and during hours when the ruling planet matched the therapeutic intent behind his compounds.  The Angels for the planetary hours are simultaneously the angels for the seven days of the week.” Archangel Gabriel corresponds to the day of the week of Monday. He rules the month of January.

Archangel Gabriel works with the colors silver, white, yellow and orange.  He corresponds to the metal of silver. Corresponding gemstones for Archangel Gabriel are Moonstone, Pearl, Selenite, and Clear Quartz.   He exhibits a musical note of F.

Scents indicative of Archangel Gabriel are said to be jasmine, rose, eucalyptus, and myrrh.  Plants and herbs associated with him are; Weeping Willow, all White-colored flowers, Adder’s tongue, Morning Glories, Iris, Watercress, Peonies, and Purslane. 

Corresponding planetary numbers for Archangel Gabriel are 2 and 7.  This equates to the number 9, making him an Archangel also associated with processes and cycles of completion.

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