The Powers of Archangel Raphael

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They call him the healing archangel. Archangel Raphael, whose name means “God heals”, is typically depicted dressed in a green robe, the color of hope.  Growth, regeneration, healing; all this and more can be found in the mercy of God through the power of his archangels, angels, and seraphim. Do you want to know everything about the Archangel Raphael? Keep reading.

Archangel Raphael: Miracle of Healing

We know that the word archangel comes from the conjunction of two Greek words: the prefix “Arc” which means “rule” and “Angel” which means “messenger of God.”   In other words, an Archangel is one who rules over the messengers of God. In the case of the Archangel Raphael, also considered a Saint, he conveys the message of healing through the word of God.

With his green vestments, the archangel Rafael has under his wings the spiritual function of directing other angels in the delivery of messages that will help you rediscover the word of God.  Through tools such as angelic numerology, the vibration of these powerful spiritual energies can manifest and change your life.

Archangels Are Very Special!

We only find references to three Archangels in the Bible.  Aside from Michael and Gabriel, the archangel Raphael is one of those 3.  In the book of Tobias, Raphael’s appearance is mentioned in more than one chapter.  In them, his healing wisdom and spiritual advice help Tobias, whose wife Sara was cursed by the demon Asmodeus who killed all her husbands.

The archangel Raphael helps Tobias put an end to the curse his wife was under, gives him the recipe to return his father’s eyesight, and accompanies him through a long journey back home.  This is how Raphael came to be known as the patron Saint and protector of travelers, of mother nature, of healers and of the sick.

How Can I Communicate With Archangel Raphael?

Since ancient times, it is believed that this archangel is a protector of Physicians, Healers, and the sick. Mentioned in the Book of Enoch as one of the 4 main spirits who enjoy sitting next to the creator and have access to the glory of God, it is believed that, through him, miracles of physical and spiritual healing can work.

Additionally, he can enlighten health specialists to help them find the cause and, as if that weren’t enough, the cure for an indecipherable medical issue.  The Archangel Raphael is a light in the darkness, the bearer of hope. Therefore, asking for his help and invoking his strength when we’re going through times of great sorrows or discomfort is essential.

If you feel emotional pain, concentrate the light on your chest. Let your heart be engulfed in this healing light.  Silence your mind. Let your thoughts serve only one purpose: improving your health. Joining with the healing energy of the archangel Raphael can help you go through moments of great stress and pain.  Join with the Glory of God, and you can be one with God.

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