Who is your Guardian Angel?

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Every soul has a Guardian Angel assigned to them from God to guide and protect them. It is implied throughout the New Testament that each individual soul has a guardian or protecting angel, for example:

Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say, that in heaven their Angels do always behold the face of my father, which is in Heaven. – Matthew 18:10, King James Bible

“For every soul, there is a Guardian watching over it.”- Koran 86:4

How can you know your Guardian Angel’s name?

To feel more personally connected to your Guardian Angel, it is helpful to seek out its name.  This will also help you communicate and connect with them on a more personal level. 

You can do a meditative exercise to help connect you with your Guardian Angel.  You can do the exercise outside in nature or indoors. Either way, make sure your area is free from clutter. It is important to create a sacred space that is free from any toxins or impurities.  Settle into your sacred space, relax, and clear your mind. Focus on your breathing. Take three deep breaths in and out. Become very conscious of your breathing.

Picture a pure light purple light above your crown chakra.  Feel this protective energy coming closer and closer to you.  As it is coming closer to you, you feel safe, protected and loved.  Feel the energy of the purple light becoming infused within your body. Feel the warmth of it penetrating your crown chakra, then moving down to your third eye and throat chakra. Continue breathing deeply and slowly in and out. Feel the pure purple light moving now down into your heart chakra, then into your solar plexus chakra. As it is making its way through your body, you feel more and more relaxed and protected.  Next, feel the purple light flowing down into your sacral chakra, and then to your root chakra. Take time to consciously focus on the light intercepting each chakra, or energy center of your body. 

Finally, you feel totally immersed in the pure purple light.  Take time to keep breathing deeply in and out. You are now in a place of perfect protection and wholeness.  In this space, ask your Guardian Angel to reveal themselves to you. Wait until they make themselves known to you.  Take note of any impressions you receive from them. It would be things such as appearance, scent, smell, symbols, feelings and/or colors.  Then, ask your Guardian Angel what their name is. Take note of any impressions you receive here also such as letters, writings, symbols, colors, feelings, numbers, or anything you may hear. 

After you feel you have received enough information from your Guardian angel, it is time to come out of your meditative state.  Slowly count to five, taking deep breaths in and out. After you have done so, it is important to take a few moments to ground yourself.  Feel the connection of the earth below you through your root chakra. 

You can repeat this exercise periodically in order to strengthen your relationship with your guardian angel. It is also a great way to grow and strengthen your relationship with them.

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