10 Facebook Pages to Follow about Zodiac

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10 facebook pages you should follow about zodiac

Facebook is the most popular social media platform today.   With 2.3 billion users, it is the most used social media platform in the world.  Many popular Astrology and Zodiac Websites have an accompanying Facebook page. Here are some popular ones you can follow.

1.       Zodiac Mind – zodiacmind.com is a great source for all fun zodiac and astrology related content.  Their Facebook page features zodiac facts, jewelry, and zodiac memes. You can sign up for their newsletter.

2.       Zodiac Signs – Zodiac Signs is an entertainment website with a Facebook page.  You can become a top fan of the page by gaining a Page Badge. The page features Zodiac related video posts, creative zodiac analogies and facts, and articles.

3.       Daily Horoscope Plus – This Facebook page has over one million likes.  It is made up of a diverse community of Astrology and Zodiac Lovers. Daily Horoscope Plus offers a Free Horoscope App that provides accurate sign predictions. 

4.       Astrology.com – Astrology.com is a premier Astrology website with a Facebook page that offers Horoscopes, Tarot, an online store, and an array of games. Some of the interactive games they provide are; magic love ball, secret crush, ask the genie, fortune cookie, book of love and daily karmic number.  They also offer free 3 minute readings. 

5.       Astrology Guidance – this Facebook page has over 65 thousand members.  It often hosts watch parties. A lot of Vedic Astrology can be found on this page.  The group also is about Palmistry, Numerology, Meditation and Spirituality. The aim of the group is to share knowledge, discussion and to complete quizzes that are often posted. The administrators of the page have a very specific set of rules for members’ posts. 

6.       Zodiac by Relationship Rules – Zodiac by Relationship Rules is a Zodiac App that offers daily horoscopes, zodiac compatibility, zodiac sign strengths and weaknesses and a daily updated quote section.  It has a Facebook page in which you can learn more about the App. The Facebook pages features informational Zodiac videos, daily horoscopes, and zodiac articles. 

7.       The Old Farmer’s Almanac – For those looking for something different, the Old Farmers’ Almanac Facebook page may be of interest to you.  There is much wisdom to be found here, relating to the Moon and Astrological events. Based on North America’s best-selling periodical and oldest almanac, this page will give you a lot of predictive information regarding Astrology and Zodiac.

8.       Zodiac Memes – Zodiac Memes is a Facebook page that provides a humorous approach to the zodiac signs.  For those that love memes, this is your go to page. It provides a way to understand Astrology and Zodiac through imagery, words and of course, memes. 

9.       Zodiac Signs & Horoscopes on YourTango – This website provides relationship Astrology and Zodiac articles. It also offers you your daily horoscope and love horoscope.  It provides entertainment and news, Astrology quotes, love quotes, and expert advice. This site specializes in all aspects of Astrological relationships, from marriage to divorce, to partnerships and break ups. It’s Facebook page of the same name follows this theme. 

10.   Zodiac Club – This Facebook page over 35,000 likes.  The page is very relationship focused and presents zodiac in a pop cultured way.  Like this page for daily zodiac love and relationship advice, stories and sharing. 

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