Interview with Brien Foerster — Unravelling the Genetics of Elongated Skulls

You are currently viewing Interview with Brien Foerster — Unravelling the Genetics of Elongated Skulls

In this revealing interview, Brien Foerster sheds lights on DNA testing undertaken on one of the Paracas elongated skulls. More than 300 of these elongated skulls have already been found and physical features suggest that the skulls were not the result of head binding or head flattening practices.

Brien Foerster reveals new details about the recent genetic testing carried out on one of the Paracas skulls and what exactly the DNA analysis showed. He also shares his own theory about the findings and discusses what will happen now that this initial result has been announced.

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  1. Peter Trode

    Great interview !!!

  2. sssshhhh101

    Thanks AO for the video. Those skulls are truly amazing. They are proof that the history of our race is not what we’ve been told in school. Thanks again. Peace.

  3. ISamuelII

    The ancient Indian text describe what these ‘people’ could do.

    1. SunlightFlower

      Can these texts be found online?

    2. Ace7of7Cups

      should be able to found online. It is one of the many books in the Hindu religion

  4. Danny Wilten

    Cool 🙂

  5. heliocentric68

    head binding from a very young age can reshape a skull because as an infant the skull is still malluable…royal families in the americas would do this to distinguish themselves from the general populous..but these skulls are very different as in the whole skull is much larger than it should be…95% of all ancient elongated skulls are caused by binding, but why start this practice in the first place? maybe they where trying to look like the 5%, who ever they where, and whom they must have revered…maybe an unknown line of humans?

    1. Esoteric33

      it’s been proven that binding can change the shape of the skull but no enlarge it

    2. Jeremy Grimes

      This is classic occam’s razor. We don’t have to wonder or guess. We have been told exactly what these things are. Genesis and Book of Enoch

    3. Jeremy Grimes

      Not me brother!

  6. takethegate

    Have a look at the Nag Hammadi writings….this is all getting stranger and stranger…don’t talk to strangers lol.

    1. Jamie-Lee McFadden

      Interesting why that book has been removed.I think that book opens a lot of secrets.

  7. Kenneth Surgent

    angels and aliens, some may very well be same

  8. Cool Saint

    There is no way that the Paraca skull is human or at least human in the same sense as us .common sense

    1. Rose's Channel

      Finally a comment that makes sense.  Do we believe our own eyes or not?  It is obvious that these skulls found all over the world, not just in Peru, are not normal humans and are not cranial deformation.  They have different skull plates and the infant they found was born with the elongated skull.  If the infant is not proof that these beings are not on the standard evolutionary charts.  I do find it very strange that academics are not allowed to do their own DNA testing or show any interest without losing their careers.  

  9. DhiraVision

    Hare Krishna,

    in the vedas we find accurate information about the populace in this universe.

    In the vishnu purana it is stated that there are 400000 different human species in this universe. So information about that is there in 5000 years old vedic texts. The vedas give also accurate and detailied information about the source of all universes and all that is in the material creation. The supreme being.

    1. Senor Pescador Johnson


    2. s mitchell

      does that include reptilians ,amphibians, insect, plasma, greys. Humanoids are one form.

    3. DhiraVision

      @s mitchell
      Sure, there are many beings described in the vedas. I can show some examples:

      This comes close to the descriptions of greys:

      “Among them there were also dumb creature without own movement [bioroboter like beings]; they were like dwarfs and had unnatural body proportions; their bodies had a bluish tinge; her hair was dark and curly.” (Linga Purana 1.71.31-35)

      Celestial airplaines (plasma etc. ):

      SB 5.17.4 P  
      “After purifying the seven planets near Dhruvaloka [the polestar], the Ganges water is carried through the spaceways of the demigods in billions of celestial airplanes. Then it inundates the moon [Candraloka] and finally reaches Lord Brahma’s abode atop Mount Meru.”

      Here some links:

      SB 2.6.43-45
      “I myself [Brahmā], Lord Śiva, Lord Viṣṇu, great generators of living beings like Dakṣa and Prajāpati, yourselves [Nārada and the Kumāras], heavenly demigods like Indra and Candra, the leaders of the Bhūrloka planets, the leaders of the earthly planets, the leaders of the lower planets, the leaders of the Gandharva planets, the leaders of the Vidyādhara planets, the leaders of the Cāraṇaloka planets, the leaders of the Yakṣas, Rakṣas and Uragas, the great sages, the great demons, the great atheists and the great spacemen, as well as the dead bodies, evil spirits, satans, jinn, kūṣmāṇḍas, great aquatics, great beasts and great birds, etc.—in other words, anything and everything which is exceptionally possessed of power, opulence, mental and perceptual dexterity, strength, forgiveness, beauty, modesty, opulence, and breeding, whether in form or formless—may appear to be the specific truth and the form of the Lord, but actually they are not so. They are only a fragment of the transcendental potency of the Lord.”


      Uragas, Nagas (serpant-People, celestial serpants…. there are different kinds of that. These are just two above categories of these species)

      Caitanya Caritamrita (Madhya-lila 19.138) Purport by His Divine Grace Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada:

      “This verse is a challenge to the so-called scientists and philosophers who suspect there was only living things on our planet . As we have experienced so-called scientists fly to the moon and claim it exists there is no life. However, this finding is not consistent with the statement of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu , which states that there are living beings in the entire universe , which wander around 8.4 million life forms. The Bhagavad -gita ( 2.24) we can see that living things sarva – gata are that they can go anywhere . This can in turn lead to the conclusion that there are beings everywhere ? on land , in water, in the air, fire and ether .

      So there are all kinds of material elements living things. As the whole material universe is composed of five elements ? Earth , water, fire , air and ether ? therefore raises the question of why there should be only on one planet living things and not on others? Those who study the Vedas , such a foolish representation can never accept . From the Vedas we learn instead that there are creatures on each planet , regardless of whether the planet of earth, water , fire and ether exists.”


      In the veda it is described that this universe has 14 layers or dimensions. Seven higher dimensions where the suras or devas exist (pious beings) and seven lower dimensions where the asuras (materialstic, atheist, demos, ghosts etc.) exist.

      The 14 planetary systems (which exist on 14 different dimensions) are named as follows, from highest to lowest:
      1) Satya-loka  (1.-6 higher planetery systems or dimensions)
      2) Tapa-loka
      3) Jana-loka
      4) Mahar-loka
      5) Svar-loka
      6) Bhuvar-loka
      7) Bhur-loka (our positin is here on the earthly planets)
      8) Atala-loka ( lower dimensions, or lokas)
      9) Vitala-loka
      10) Sutala-loka
      11) Talatala-loka
      12) Mahatala-loka
      13) Rasatala-loka
      14) Patala-loka  (also called Naga.loka)

      There is many information in the vedas: I can recommend the books of His Divine Grace Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

      You can also research here:

      All the best. God bless you! Hare Krishna!
      Ys SSd

    4. Senor Pescador Johnson

      thanks, some of us earthlings ARE aware

  10. Norman Levy

    one of the few good guys

  11. Tattorack

    Yessss!!! This is finally getting really serious!

  12. gail r Ducharme

    how awesome is this intriguing  😉

  13. Wendy Martin

    Awesome, thanks so much…!!

  14. Richard Viola

    This information needs to be discussed and researched. ..for it is truly amazing. ..!!

  15. Burton C Bell

    This is John Malcovich’s best role EVER.

  16. JMG

    you lost me indeed with that comment “Big Foot”

  17. Adem Aksoy

    Perhaps our creator is a extraterrestrial being , one who we all call God . God = alien

    1. NotYetFound

      Technically speaking, God is not of the Earth.  Therefore, he is an extra-terrestrial.

  18. Kirsten Merrild

    How would it be to give birth to a child with a skull like that?

    1. Sam I Am

      Kirsten Merrild Frightening and C-section lol

      1. Aaron Bafana Mokgothu

        I am truly intrigued being an ultra curious being i thirst for the unexplained the unknown the interesting

  19. james Vallance

    The Book of Enoch

    1. Cookston Igou

      @james Vallance ?

    2. Evangelist Nick Garrett

      Here you go “bloodlines, fallen angels, and the messianic seed.”

  20. Paula Simon

    Why no mention of the elongated skulls of ancient Egyptians?

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