10 Sites to Help You Become an Expert in Astrology

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Do you want to become an expert in Astrology but not sure where to begin?  Here is a comprehensive list of websites you can start with. Many of these sites offer free Astrology lessons, tutorials, chapters, and PDF courses, all making it easy for you to learn Astrology online and on the go.

Become an expert in astrology with Udemy

1.       Udemy- Udemy is an educational platform with hundreds of available online courses in many different categories. Many Professional Astrologers and Educators teach a variety of Astrology courses on Udemy. Courses range from beginner oriented, to intermediate to advanced. Udemy runs promotional coupon codes quite often, making the courses very affordable.  Examples of some of the different course topics related to Astrology are; How to Read a Birth Chart, Astrology Forecasting for Everyone, Mayan Astrology, Your Moon Sign: How to find your soulmate, How to Read your Vedic Astrology Step by Step, and Love, Sex, and Relationship Success with Astrology. In addition to the computer format, Udemy has a mobile app making it easy to take courses straight from your phone on the go. The courses offer a Udemy certificate of completion upon the end of the course. Some courses offer additional certifications from other third parties or accrediting organizations. 

2.       If you are just beginning your Astrology journey, astrolibrary.org is a great place to start.  This site offers free Astrology lessons to help you become an expert in astrology. Some of the units are: Astrology Basics, Astrology Symbols, Birth Chart Layout, Houses, Planets, Rising Sign, Elements, Qualities, & Polarities, Zodiac Signs, Aspects, and How to Read Your Own Birth Chart. 

3.       A great place to become an expert in Astrology and to test yourself on your knowledge is alwaysastrology.com.  The site takes a step by step approach to teaching Astrology in a way that is not overwhelming to the learner.   There are printable exams at the end of each learning unit to help you review the information. The author’s website says that, “the purpose of this website is to guide and enlighten anyone with an interest in Astrology Signs in their Birth Chart.”

4.       Learn Astrology Free– learnastrologyfree.com offers comprehensive tutorials and lessons in Western and Vedic Astrology.  Some of the Western Astrology tutorials you will find here are: Becoming an Astrologer, the Fundamental Concepts, approaching a Chart, Methods of Prediction, Comparing Charts for Compatibility, Keys to Chart Synthesis, the Politics of Astrology and a Reading List for Western Astrology.  Some Vedic Astrology Tutorials include: An Introduction to Vedic Astrology, General Principles of Vedic Astrology, Vedic Tools of Prediction, Astrological Techniques and Uncertain Birth Times, and a Reading list for Vedic Astrology. The website’s author is also an Astrology Software Professional. He gives valuable insights into the best Astrology software available and his own Spiritual Journey within Astrology.

5.       The Astro Twins at astrostyle.com have an extensive Astrology Library available at your fingertips.  Some have an accompanying video. The main categories within the Library are: Moons, Planets, Charts, Retrogrades, Signs and Houses, Transits and more.  Within these categories, there are several subcategories such as: New Moons & Full Moons, Solar & Lunar Eclipses, Moon Signs, Rising Signs/Ascendant, The North Node & the South Nodes, Planets & their Meanings, The 7 Astrology chart Shapes, Astrology Fundamentals (which is a Video Course), Mercury Retrograde, The Saturn Return, “Cusp” Birthdays, The 4 Elements, the 3 Qualities, the 12 Houses of the Zodiac, Jupiter in Sagittarius, Saturn in Capricorn, and What is an Astrology Chart (with video). 

6.       Another course you can read about online that is well suited for the beginner in Astrology is An Introduction to Astrology Self-Study Course.  This course can be found at astro-awakenings.co.uk. The course’s author says, “the course will provide you with the knowledge and skills required to work in an intuitive way with your own natal chart and those of your family and friends.” The course is structured into nine units.  For a minimal fee, you are given access to 12 hours of audio for each unit and 300 pages of teaching notes that contain various charts for practice. Some of the topics covered are: Zodiac signs as archetypal imprints, Astrological houses as the locations of our life experience, the planets as tools, drives, desires and qualities of being, and Identifying and understanding early life indicators in a natal chart. 

7.       Astrologyyard.com- This site helps you to learn your Astrology step by step by guiding you through your natal chart.  It can also serve as a great reference guide to bookmark. Suitable for beginners, it offers a free online guide covering Astrology Basics, Planets & Nodes, Zodiac Signs, Houses & Angels and Aspects.  It also illustrates glyphs and gives keywords symbolizing the planets, Nodes and Zodiac Signs. It provides a thorough explanation of Positive and Negative Polarity among the Zodiac Signs and elements.

8.       Thetarotlady.com – This site offers an educational blog full of straight forward and simple Astrology lessons for beginners and refreshers for those more advanced. The Series of lessons, (Called Star School) are very hands on, as the teacher provides a list of tools you will need to start interpreting and practicing Astrology Charts. No need to worry, as the tools are nothing too elaborate. A notebook, a copy of your Astrology Chart, and an Ephemeris, all items easy to obtain. 

9.       Astrology42.com – Full of evergreen content, free Astrology lessons, articles and interpretations, Astrology42.com will help you get on the right track to becoming an expert in Astrology. The site features valuable Astrology lessons suited for beginners to advanced learners.  There is an online Astrology Learning Hub where learners can read through the chapters, tutorials, and “how to” guides, all online. The site also features a free Natal Birth Chart generator option for the user.

10.   Thedarkpixieastrology.com – This site features free bite-sized Astrology PDF courses.  The courses require the user to have Adobe Reader to view the files. The user can also view the files using Google Drive. Here is a little bit about the type of courses offered:  My Mr. /Ms. Right course helps you find that special someone by analyzing your Birth Chart. Get Rich (not quick) is a mini e-course that helps discover how you can produce wealth in your life by understanding your Birth Chart.  Predict THIS: Horoscope Writing Course is a bite sized course that teaches you how to write horoscopes for yourself. Get Fit is a mini e-course that helps you learn about how health is related to Astrology. There is also a course called, Become an Expert.  This course helps you find what it is in your Natal Chart that you can become an expert at. There are many other Astrology related e-courses offered.

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