6 Books about Astrology you should Read

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With the huge selection of Astrology books on the market, it is hard to know which ones are best suited for you. You may be a beginner in Astrology, or more advanced on your quest for cosmic knowledge.  Maybe you are looking to review and refresh your Astrological knowledge. Or, you could be looking to read about a certain aspect of Astrology. Regardless of which level you are on, or what you are aiming for, you can’t go wrong with the following books for expanding your Astrology knowledge.

1.       Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller – This popular book by Astrologer Jan Spiller explains all about the North Node in your Astrology Chart.  If you are interested in learning all about your North Node and what it means, this book is for you. The book features sections about your special talents, self-defeating tendencies you can avoid, details about your soulmate, and healing affirmations, all based on the attributes of your North Node. 

2.       The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need by Joanna Martinei Woolfolk -This powerful source book has been highly recommended for all astrology collections by the Library Journal.  This updated edition provides extended information involving everything from A to Z about the zodiac signs, compatibility between each sign, and the planets in each of the houses.  It also includes a section about how Astrology motivates and affects the inner world of an individual. The book also includes information about the history and mythology of astrology, as well as the latest discoveries in Astrology and Astronomy. 

3.       The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology by April Elliott Kent – From the Astrologer of bigskyastrology.com, author April Elliott Kent brings you a roadmap of the planets and a walk through the cycles of Astrology.  This comprehensive book features: Tips for mastering the language of astrology to make predictions for your future, guidelines for creating daily, monthly, yearly and long-range planners to help you better manage your agenda, and how to calculate and decipher your birth chart most effectively. 

One of our favorite books about Astrology…..

4.       The Astrology of You and Me by Gary Goldschneider – From the best-selling author of The Secret Language of Birthdays, this book teaches you how to understand and improve every relationship in your life.   The author explores how Astrology can be used in everyday relationship interactions. This book is a special guide to helping you with all the relationship dynamics in your life.

5.       The Stars Within You by Juliana McCarthy – Bustle describes this book as, “A fresh perspective on the fundamentals of astrology.  Juliana McCarthy guides you through how to use Astrology to explore where you’ve been and where you’re going, with the goal of ultimately becoming more self-aware and mindful of your place in the universe.”  What makes this book unique is that it teaches you the art of reading energy maps, which help you better understand yourself through archetypes and myths. The book also invites the reader to open themselves up to the possibility of life dimensions they cannot see with the naked eye and the art of synchronicities. 

6.       The Signs: Decode the Stars, Reframe Your Life by Carolyne Faulkner – This book provides valuable insights to those new to Astrology and those more experienced within the craft.  The author focuses on Astrological Birth Chart studies to help you discover your positive and negative character traits. She also helps you to learn how to work most effectively with life decisions and relationships based off your natal chart and those of your loved ones. This author and life coach uses a “dynamic astrology approach, one that combines spiritual and astrological teachings with research into contemporary human behavior from a life coach’s perspective.” – Carolyne Faulkner

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