12 companies leading the way in astrology

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12 companies leading the way in astrology

1.       Matrix Astrology Software – The Leader in Astrology Software, Matrix Astrology Software company offers both professional and personal Astrology software.  There are a variety of different programs available to fit your needs. One popular Astrology program is Sirus 3.0. It can be used by people of any experience level, from beginner to advanced professional.  It is well organized and customizable with features in all areas of modern Astrology. They also offer Vedic Astrology programs as well. 

2.       American Federation of Astrologers – Founded in 1938 in Washington D. C., American Federation of Astrologers is now a global organization.  Since its beginnings, it has taken pride in being a leader of ethical astrology. Since 1960, the AFA offers an examination and certification program for Astrology students and professionals.  The organization offers membership to anyone who supports their code of ethics. However, for professional membership, one must pass their certification process.

3.       AstroVed.com – India is the home to Vedic Astrology.  The company AstroVed was named one of the top ten Astrology companies in India.  It is among ten of the companies that were most sought after for Astrology advice.  AstroVed offers Vedic Astrology, Nadi Astrology, Betel Leaf (Royal), and Vishnu Maya Readings. 

4.       Cyberastro – Cyberastro is another company who has made the list of the top ten Astrology companies in India.  The company started with a mission to provide top astrological services online on a global scale. Currently, the company’s online presence has attracted more than 400 thousand registered members in 192 countries. 

5.       Sanctuary Ventures Inc. -There has been much buzz talk about the company who has created Sanctuary Astrology.  Featured in the Los Angeles and New York times, this company sparked great interest in Venture Capital. The App has been called the “talkspace for Astrology”, and offers users chats with personal Astrologers for a price. 

6.       Horoscope.com, Inc. – Horoscope.com, Inc. is a leader in online Astrology and Horoscope sites. The company operates over fifteen sites, with Astrology.com as one of the most popular.  The site offers horoscopes, tarot, games, an online store, and free three- minute readings.  The site is very user friendly and interactive, providing Zodiac sign Icons to choose from for free daily horoscopes.

7.       AstroTalk – AstroTalk, @astrotalk.com, was founded by Puneet Gupta in 2017.  His vision for AstroTalk was to combine technology, Astrology and Counseling to bring valuable insights to people. AstroTalk offers services in both Vedic and Western Astrology.  They employ world renowned Astrologers providing natal chart and zodiac sign analysis. 

8.       Co-Star – This two- year old company of an Astrology and Zodiac App has gained a cult following of 5.3 million users around the world.  It has become a favorite among millennials by using artificial intelligence and an old-school approach to Astrology. It provides users with accurate astrological birth charts, daily horoscopes, and chart comparisons to friends and family. 

9.       Astrology Zone – Astrologer Susan Miller’s website, Astrology Zone, attracts an estimated 6 million visitors each month.  Susan has been a leader in Astrology for 30 plus years. Astrology Zone offers monthly horoscopes written personally by Susan Miller. It also offers a complete learn Astrology section with detailed lessons. 

10.   Free Will Astrology – Founded by Rob Brezsny, Free Will Astrology puts an optimistic edge on weekly and monthly horoscopes and forecasts.  The company’s positive orientation on Astrological events, predictions and transits have attracted many fans. Brezsny emphasizes that we are all free agents and no one person’s destiny is defined by the planetary transits. 

11.   Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd. – Llewellyn is one of the oldest and trusted Astrology and Metaphysical publishing companies in America.  Since 1901, the company has been at the forefront of new age and esoteric thought. The company has kept up well with transitioning in this digital age, with a website that features Astrology and Metaphysical Authors, articles, blogs, books and products.

12.   Astro-Vision Futuretech Pvt. Ltd. – This is another top Astrology company in India.  The company owns the popular online Astrology platform, Clickastro. Astro-Vision Futuretech Pvt. Ltd. Is a leader in providing Astrology software to many other Indian companies.  The company also develops online Apps. Clickastro provides services such as live Astrologer consults, Astrology lessons, horoscopes and blog articles. 

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  1. Jacqui Carroll

    Extremely interesting . I am a believer in the way the planets the seasons and the tides all have an influence in our behaviour and personalities. I am Anglo Indian a Scorpio and think the Eastern exercises ,meditation and respect for the natural world have a bearing on their abilities in astrology.

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