Incredible DNA Test Results on 2,000 Years Old Elongated Paracas Skulls

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The elongated skulls of Paracas in Peru caused a stir in 2014 when a geneticist that carried out preliminary DNA testing reported that they have mitochondrial DNA “with mutations unknown in any human, primate, or animal known so far”. Now a second round of DNA testing has been completed and the results are just as controversial – the skulls tested, which date back as far as 2,000 years, were shown to have European and Middle Eastern Origin. These surprising results change the known history about how the Americas were populated. In this interview L.A. Marzulli explains how the tests were carried out and shares his theory about what the results really mean.

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  1. Oveida Sinclair

    Loved this video, looking forward to more

  2. Dr. Elizabeth Martin

    Great info – but I do wish these researchers would dismiss the “cradle-boarding” hypothesis immediately and clearly, as Lloyd Pye did so many years ago: “cradle-boarding” DOES NOT change the VOLUME of the skull. That is scientifically impossible. When you have a huge skull like this, it is NEVER the result of human genetic disease, such as pituitary gigantism, other malformations, etc. It is simply NOT human. I am so glad this work is going forward – and I wish Mr. Pye had lived long enough to see this progress. cheers

    1. Katrine Gadegaard

      Danyelle Robinson What can emotions alone do to water cells? It’s not exactly something I recall doing in physics class!

    2. Keef Ardin


    3. Danyelle Robinson

      google it

    4. ElveeKaye

      Those skulls definitely are NOT the result of cradle boarding! And deformities of the skull tend to be associated with other physical deformations, as well as mental retardation. These people/humanoids were obviously held in high esteem.

    5. RILEY (SlotDog) PLAYS SLOTS (He's a dog)

      Deformed. Encephelitis Diseased brain and Calcium Weakness Has been rolled on the ground


    I wonder if that’s why some of those African tribes wear the rings around their necks to stretch it out and make it longer? Because they were trying to appear like their former ‘gods’, the Annakin (“long neck ones”)?

    1. TRichmond1964

      Rep Secure Your channel has no content!:-) is this a shill channel?

    2. chris ellioitt

      TRichmond1964 you have to make a account to post comments on someone else channel…. so you just called almost every viewer a shill with your comment. I would have thought you knew this as you are on it.
      I getting this feeling no one else reads contracts or terms and service agreement anymore……

    3. KillerB1956

      You may be correct as I believe that cradle boarding by diploid females was done to emulate their goddess. These people are tetraploid humans and thus their brains are almost twice as large (2300 CC) compare to ours (1400 CC). I am the first scientist to figure it all out and these were the ancient gods and now are calling themselves Tall White aliens.

    4. Neil Ruedlinger

      How can they be tetraploid humans, when this biomedical research paper states the longest living tetraploid human lived to the maximum age of 26 months?

      The elongated skulls shown in the video are of individuals clearly far older than 26 months; assuming these skeletons/skulls are not fakes.

    5. Griffith Mello don’t Indonesian women do that too.

  4. james williams

    I have the book of Enoch. Enoch was AWESOME!

  5. Nomad Wizard

    Boarding does not explain the extra volume of the skull, which also means a larger brain.

  6. BeauSC4Ever

    Very interesting, but (as a Biologist) I don’t understand why they aren’t drilling the teeth..?

    1. They're Alive!

      ragnar999tobi no

    2. C Kasperski

      BeauSC4Ever the yield of testable nucleic acids would indeed be much greater from the roots of the teeth. You also wouldn’t have to worry about contamination.

    3. Winkkin

      They maybe dont know? These are not professional archeologists spearheading this effort. Remember they’ve repeatedly stated some small contempt for Egyptology’s shortsighted hubris and traditional Archeology’s blind adherence to what is clearly a document-able error in Human History. Send them an email. They’re talk show guests.

    4. m dane

      marzulli mentioned several times that there are archeologist working with them from peru. face it, all Egyptology does is regurgitate what the last person said and base any new information on previous statements from other Egyptologist. if they information does not fit into their theory it is thrown out or dismissed. i rather have new information that is not contaminated with over a hundred years of rehashed dogma.

    5. MrsClippit

      Beau,For what? DNA? If that’s what you meant,I read that DNA isn’t viable enough in the teeth of ancient teeth.

  7. Rep Secure

    So we are going to ignore the fact that these are real sculls? Thank you for this knowledge, this vid is priceless.

  8. Facts Over Emotions

    Thanks for telling us the Haplogroups. I’m a population geneticist and I want to know everything we find.

  9. Albert Mag

    They find one finger bone in china and its a huge deal ..they have 300 plus bodies with sculls and all here and no one is exited ..its a strange world we live in ….

    1. Albert Mag

      Burn a giant fatty and suddenly it all becomes so clear …It’s a conspiracy ….

  10. Devious Button

    14:09 for the DnA info.. Take long enough to get to the point..

  11. naturalphilosophy

    I can’t watch it because of the blinking arrow, so irritating.

  12. tezzo55

    🙂 One of Marc Maron’s funnier sets.

  13. Robert Weinstein

    They also found cuneiform writing on a vessel near lake titicaca

    1. Fan Made Videos

      Sure they did

  14. Jan Badinski

    Roselyn Franklin discovered the double helix design of our genes. Watson and Crick plagerised her work because she was dying from cancer from the radioactive isotopes she used to image the dna strand. They claimed it because she died. It’s why they had those looks on their face in that now famous picture of them.

  15. S D

    I’m happy everyone is talking about and admitting that the sick PC culture has held us all back from truth

    1. Tong Po


  16. David Clark

    Great, I watched the whole segment and didn’t get any DNA results and that was the title.

  17. Gritty

    Unconciently we have been imitating these features with big hats and crowns etc to resemble power knowledge.

  18. Tommy Helton

    May I or we see legitimate documentation of the genetic testing that you have done thus far? Thank you.

  19. G T

    great info but i would like to see the actual report. And then I can live in peace

  20. P.D. S

    I study Hominins, along with comparative mythology/Religions, and I’ve come to these conclusions on my own.

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