Amazing and Mysterious Geoglyphs from the Ancient World

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The most well-known geoglyphs are undoubtedly the Nazca Lines of coastal Peru. Yet, scattered across the globe are thousands of other geoglyphs that are equally as impressive and mysterious. To this day, the true purpose for their creation remains unknown.

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  1. Aida R

    Absolutely wondrous – more so because in various forms it’s part of so many diverse cultures.

  2. Troll Masters

    Next to Nazca is the Palpa lines. Recently more were discovered after a sand storm.

  3. Vh Hurtado

    yeah looks like moose.

  4. phil gordon

    In a book written by Alberto Villido noted practioner of shamanism, he stated the Nazca figures were of spirit guides and power animals. Perhaps he is right.

    1. Ancient Origins

      Thanks for the comment. Hope you enjoyed the video!

  5. Joi Espelund

    I spent a month in southern Peru 10 years ago. And had wanted to go to Nazca for decades. At last, I could actually fly over these lines and drawings!!! I was in tears after the flight just because it was a dream fulfilled. As much as I had studied and then realized how physically easy it was to create these lines and ‘pictures’ that did not – and does not yet – explain the how and the why. Every theory seems to fall short of the initial reasoning or purpose of that time.

  6. Ergo Zeletus

    Thanks you very much once again my comment is that I want my universes to bless me so that I will have right to live my life like you. Now I want to move forward ever in my life today. Secondly I need partner and my prayer is that let’s my universes choose the right one for me. So that my dreams will surely come through.

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