You are currently viewing 2020 ENERGY FORECAST – A YEAR TO BUILD YOUR DREAMS

2020 is a life-changing year.

A new dawn is here. Our new decade brings a time of rapid transformation.

The foundations you create now you will build upon for years to come.

2020 begins with a soul-expanding Full Moon eclipse. Soon after, there is a cosmic conjunction on January 12th – the likes of which we haven’t seen for 700 years!

This is setting the stage for a rebuilding of every aspect of your life.

Astrology and Numerology are gifts from heaven to help you chart your course.

In this forecast, I share with you how this year is a karmic-cleansing year of growth and change.

You’ll learn your four keys to happiness and success for 2020 and beyond.

To support you on your journey, you can join me in a four day online experience: 2020 Illuminated: Days of Forecast, Magic and Healing.

Have a spectacular year!

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  1. Margarita Ray

    Thank you beautiful! Such a magical forecast thank you so much! Happy new year !! Blessings your way! May it be the best year yet!

  2. turtleflowyoga

    Happy 2020!!! 🎆💖✨

  3. Jeremiah Nudell

    Love you!!

  4. tyga wells

    I been rocking with you a long time and you have been on it about each year.

  5. Glen Motil

    Wow! 500 years ago. 1520. Think of those Earth shaking changes in consciousness that took place at that time. The Reformation leading all the way up to the Enlightenment. All modern philosophy, literature, and scientific discoveries! Exciting!

  6. speed wulf

    you are really so “angelic” in a human body with so much sweetness and so much POWER . i love to see your videos and i recommend them to all i love . You are a counceler of POSITIV ,JOY and LOVE

  7. Daniela Vеlinovska

    Happy New Year, dear Kari <3

  8. Felix the Healix

    We love your awesome energy Kari! Thank you for this glorious peptalk! 🙂 <3 🙂 <3 🙂

  9. Tricia Martin-Owen

    Thank you, Kari! I’ve been watching you for years and have always appreciated you! Thank you for being you! Happy New Year!

  10. Arabella’s Tarot

    You are so nice to watch as so positive! Thank you

  11. Joan Parker

    Happy healthy New Year 🎆Thank you so excited 😊for this guidance! Have a wonderful day!

  12. TheCarolynrose

    Thank you Kari! Love you 💕💕💕

  13. Hailey Unger

    Love you, Kari! As an amateur, I’m actually happy with less description of the nodes and planets and more you just stating what the month brings. I get confused by all the nodes and planetary back and forth. 🙂

    1. Kari Samuels

      I’m glad you appreciate it. I like to keep things simple!

  14. Shirley Dauger

    Kari, I truly enjoy your beautiful smile and your Light energy that lifts me up every time I see you on video ! I wish you an Awesome year! Thank you for all your guidance!

    1. Kari Samuels

      What a sweet thing to say. Thank you!

  15. Lynne White

    Dream big ✅, Expect the best ✅, Be bold ✅ and Be supported✅. I’m stepping into my confidences and manifesting magic this year. 🙏

  16. Lidia Majchrzak

    Having goosebumps how powerful it’s, thank you Kari! 🙏🏻💞💞💞

  17. Janece1955

    thank you Kari just love your Videos ,Appreciate 7 gratitude :0 xo abundant blessings for 2020 in everyway :0

  18. Jane Doe

    It’s actually a master 22 year.

  19. Lucinda Randolph

    Powerful, empowering and exciting video from a pure hearted being of joy. 💗🌸🦄🌷🦄🌸💗


  20. Mystik Liyon

    Great educational videos. Ive been following you now for a few years, possibly 6/7 and I always look forward to receiving the Powerful tools to handle the month. Thank you Kari. Love and light.

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