27 Little Known Facts About Teotihuacan

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Teotihuacan is one of the largest and most important sacred cities of ancient Mesoamerica, whose name means “the city of the gods” in the Nahuatl language of the Aztecs. It once supported an estimated population of 100,000 – 200,000 people, who raised giant monuments such as the Temple of Quetzalcoatl and the Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon. Ancient Origins visited the ancient marvel to find out more about this spectacular site. This video reveals little known facts about the mysterious ancient city.

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  1. Raymond Daubney

    Yep, no doubt about it, stone age natives built this amazing complex.

    1. John Brightleaf

      Slaves of stone age natives….

  2. io REV3RSO

    The axe of the pyramid go to .. Rapa Nui ( :

  3. A. Snow

    No it was built to be learning center. The ships landed at top of the pyramids. They looked like a sun and a moon from the human view point. The art of metal work, farming, and stone work where a few of the teachings. We got carried away and got to liking the native humans that we taught. So we started controlling weather patterns and a few more things that where against the prime directive. The whole crew got in big trouble. We had to pack everything up and destroy or bury what we could not take.

    The crew carried karmic debt, on that one, because after we left the happy humans had a lot of trouble when left on there own.

  4. ZeroFortyFive

    These pyramids were no tombs…

    1. John Brightleaf

      No but they were covered in death and blood…

  5. Poopoo Papa

    While I was alone climbing up the sun, everyone else was over on the moon. When I got to the summit, a gust of wind blew my braid out and then the sun broke through the clouds and shined upon me ..I stood at the peak like Jack at the helm of the Titanic, the view was majestic..I saw things…. It is easy to know why they call it the birthplace of the Gods. I highly recommend visiting🌹

    1. John Brightleaf

      Well it was where priests were made

  6. David Smith

    The Temple of the Plumed Serpent is really the Temple of Tlatecutle the earth lord and the patron god of Teotihuacan. Tlatecutle was hermaphroditic having aspects of both male and female so the reason for two heads. The Avenue of the Dead is 3 degrees off true north, what the direction it is layed out to is the setting of the Pleiades that at that time represented the face of Tlatecutle.

    1. John Brightleaf


  7. KAMEH

    Why do people believe in that they were tombs? People that came millennium later did that.

    The pyramids at Teotihuacan have been on Earth for around 9000 yrs.

    The ÅMEN built this city but it was way more humongous. The reason why there are pyramids around the world and under mountains.

    The ÅZTEKÅ (ascetics)
    [ÅMEN & ÅMEN-T]
    RÆ & Tyr (ThÖThM)
    Are the forefathers.

  8. Jav Cali


    1. John Brightleaf

      Teotihuacan is where priests were made and people did learn stuff but it was to educate and train priests, it was not “college” like you make it sound, because they didn’t learn and teach like the people reading this today. It was a temple city

  9. Ted Cabana

    I notice a similarity between the temples and pyramids with the mountains in the background. Many try to claim its etymology to specific cultures of the old world but I find them to very unique in the architectural design, the artwork, and the language of the their writing. However, the mercury filled ponds resemble the the Pyramids of China. The dragon and Jaguar features and small stone in concrete resembles very much the temples of India, while the intricacies in the architecture resemble subtle hints of Egypt. Of course stone age men where absolute masters of stone and we moderns find it difficult to comprehend the craftsmanship and abilities which they presented in their stone work. This leaves us entirely complexed at their technological abilities. The trail of artifacts, agriculture, and architecture follow back across the pacific polynesian islands and into South Eastern China. But we will never be absolutely sure of where these brilliant cultures of stone masons originated from. Possibly, from everywhere.

  10. Diamond Productions

    I just went there a few hours ago
    I’m leaving Mexico tomorrow at probably 9am

    1. John Brightleaf

      I would like to see it. My “pilgrimmage” is the yaqui river and mountains, but a lot of us would like to go there. Some want to sing there and listen for music back.

  11. Robert Brozyna

    nests of reptilian.

  12. David Smith

    Teotihuacan is layed out, alined and dedicated to the Earth Lord Tlaltecutle. The original name was Tlaltecutlecan or some variant of that name.

    1. John Brightleaf

      I’m not against that idea….different temple times and all….but can you reference that? Because if that is so then it seems 4 gods, 4 temples and likely simultaneously at points

  13. Sosa#1000 4Life


    1. JasonJacksonJames

      no they didn’t

  14. PapaKryptoss

    170k people. Are you insane. Millions of people lived there

    1. Ancient Origins

      Thanks for watching!

    2. John Brightleaf

      Over millenia sure? I thought i heard him say at one time it is thought as many as….not covering its extensive history

  15. John Brightleaf

    Oh? How odd? And here is my lil yaqui self thinking “where the gods put on skin”…..guess thats for natives or its just my misunderstanding. Many words of all SA/Mexico tribes are similar

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