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The Palmistry and Astrology Connection

Palmistry, or Chiromancy, has been said to have originated in ancient India.  The mounts of the palm, along with some of its lines, correspond to the planets and elements within Astrology.

The Mounts in Palmistry and their Connections to Astrology

Here is a look at the mounts of the palm and how they relate to Astrology.  In general, the more large or prominent the mount appears indicates amplified energies of the corresponding planet within the person’s life or personality.  Of course, there are other things to take into consideration also.

The Mount of Jupiter

The Mount of Jupiter is located at the base of the first finger, or pointer finger.  This mount can tell us how ambitious a person may be, along with telling us about their ability to expand themselves.

The Mount of Saturn

The Mount of Saturn is found at the base of the second finger, or middle finger.  This mount can tell us how disciplined and responsible someone is. It can also indicate a person of politics or political affiliation.

The Mount of Apollo, or the Sun

The Mount of the Sun is found under the base of the third finger, or index finger.  The mount of Apollo, or the Sun, can tell us how successful someone will be. It can also tell us their level of wealth and fortune.

The Mount of Mercury

The Mount of Mercury is found under the base of the fourth finger, or pinky finger.  The Mount of Mercury can tell us about how a person communicates. It can also indicate a person involved in business, communications, and information technology.

The Mount of the Moon 

The Mount of the Moon, or as it also can be called, the Mount of Luna, in Astrology, is found on the base of the hand under the end of the headline.  The mount of the Moon tells us about someone’s emotional side. It can also tell us if they are dreamy and introspective.

The Mount of Venus

The portion of the palm under the base of the thumb and inside the line of life is called the Mount of Venus.  This mount can indicate artists, musicians, and/or those involved in aesthetic related fields.

The Mount of Mars 

This Mount has two positions. The first one is called Mars positive and the second one located opposite to it is called Mars negative.  The mounts of Mars tell us how bold and courageous a person is. It can indicate people involved in police work, ambulance services and health care workers.

The Lines in Palmistry and their Connections to Astrology 

Here are some common lines of the palm and their correspondence to Astrology.  In general, the deeper and more prominent a line, the more intensified the corresponding traits are within the person.  The more shallow or weak appearing the line, the less intensified the traits are. Of course, there are other factors to take into consideration.

The Heart Line

The heart line refers to how you love and rules over your love life.  It begins between the index and middle finger. This line can tell us about a person’ overall love style.

The Head Line

The headline has been said to be the most important line on the palm.  It determines how your overall personality will be. It also refers to how you think.

The Life Line

The lifeline reveals information about physical strength, vitality, quality of life, and overall health. Its length does not indicate lifespan as is commonly believed.

The Fate Line 

The fate line tells about a person’s career, work, struggle and success.  Often, if there is a break in the fate line, it indicates changes in careers.

The Mercury or Health Line

The Mercury, or Health line, tells about a person’s overall health and health conditions.

The Success or Sun Line

The Success, or Sun line, tells about a person’s fortune, level of prosperity, and wealth.

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