10 Apps to help you manage Your Astrology

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Astrology can be overwhelming.  With the Moon and personal planets moving so quickly, it is hard to keep up on their current location.  Astrological aspects change from day to day. There’s so many symbols and glyphs to remember. Then there are the ever changing and sometimes random astronomical events such as Solar eclipses, lunar eclipses, and meteor showers.  How can you keep up with it all on top of your busy lifestyle? 

Useful and Convenient Astrology Apps to help you manage your Astrology and keep all your Astrology Together

Fortunately, there are many Astrology Apps you can download to help you keep up with your Astrology on a day to day basis.  These Apps are helpful and convenient. Let’s look at some here and a brief snapshot of what they do.

1.       Time Passages- This app is great for beginners and advanced students of Astrology and can be downloaded for free.   It provides colorful charts and great graphics. You can get your astrology chart done for free, with additional colorful charts costing only 99 cents each.  It allows you to check the current daily chart and provides all planetary transits and aspects with descriptions.

2.       MoonLIT Tribe- This App is essential for all Moon Lovers. It provides a calendar with the daily Moon forecast. Complete descriptions of the Moon phases and transits are packed in this App. No more wondering when the next New or Full Moon is, or what sign it will be in.  The App also lets you schedule Moon reminders by exporting them to your own personal calendar. Finally, the App plays soothing and relaxing music to heighten your experience. All this for free.

3.       Eclipses-This App is free to download and is all about eclipses.  It provides a countdown timer until the next solar eclipse. Inside the App, it shows you a colorful eclipse path map, animation of what it will look like, and the science and safety behind eclipses.  Additional features are available for paid upgrade.- 

4.       Deluxe Moon Pro- Deluxe Moon Pro is an interactive Moon phases calendar and so much more.  This App is not free, but for a minimum purchase of around $3.99, you get an awesome Moon calendar with a list of comprehensive features.  In additional to the Moon phases calendar, you get additional features such as: Solar and lunar eclipses, statistics of Moon phases, Moon brightness diagram, Astrology, horoscope and lunar forecast, Specific gardening tips for Moon phases, Moon void of course time, and Sun and Moon Celestial path. Additionally, it is the most beautiful application for Apple Watch, if you have or use one. 

5.       Saged- Saged is a divinely inspired App full of Astrology, Horoscopes, Rituals, & Moon work.  This App features a network of different Astrologers and lightworkers who bring daily forecasts, rituals and affirmations all together.  It is free to download and access content, with just signing up with a free subscription. However, some premium content, such as masterclasses, are accessed with a paid subscription. The app also lets you become a part of the Saged community and exchange ideas with other Saged members. 

6.       The Daily Horoscope- This App is everything Horoscope.  The daily horoscope is completely free, with purchasing upgrades as optional.  This app features: daily horoscopes, weekly horoscopes, monthly horoscopes, zodiac characteristics for each sign, zodiac sign compatibility, Chinese horoscope, and even Druid horoscope.  The App also allows you to set your own custom colors and font size in settings. 

7.       Sanctuary Astrology– This slick App has been featured in the New York Times and other well- known publications. You get free daily horoscopes and planetary transits.  It provides live readings with professional astrologers, where you can chat 1 on 1, with a paid subscription option. The App also has a full Astrology library with icon guides you can browse to learn about the planets, transits, houses, Astrology glyphs and symbols. 

8.       Time Nomad- The Time Nomad App calls itself the “Astrologer’s pro toolkit.” This app is free to download.  The ability to calculate both tropical and sidereal Astrology systems is what sets this App apart from others.  Its advanced software ensures you are getting the most accurate charts available. This Astrology App is great for analyzing your natal chart, or for your friends or family.  The app allows you to create an unlimited amount of personal astrological profiles without login or registration required. Some key features include: Astrological chart for any time and geographical location, Sidereal Zodiac Calculator, Tropical Zodiac Calculator, Retrograde planets calculator, Synastry and composite Calculator, Progressed Chart Calculator, and fixed stars calculator including aspects and parallels. 

9.       Co-Star Personalized Astrology– This amazing App has also been featured in the New York Times and Buzzfeed. The Astrology App is powered by AI that merges NASA data with the insight of human astrologers.  This innovating and cutting- edge App takes a new approach to Astrology by making it a highly personalized and social experience for the user. Some features are: planet by planet compatibility, personality analysis customized to your entire astrological chart, allows you to add friends to keep track of their zodiac signs.   The app is free to download, with additional charges for certain features. 

10.   Horoscope + Astrology by Yodha – If you are looking for an Astrology App that is more than just a horoscope, this App helps you manage your astrology. This App takes on a unique approach by allowing you to ask direct questions related to love, relationships, family, money, career, education and business. All answers to these questions are determined by Astrology and celestial movements. The app is free to download and offers premium services from experienced Astrologers with in App purchase options. 

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