Chronicles from the Future – An amazing story that defies logical explanation

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Chronicles from the Future tells a remarkable story about a bizarre and incredible event experienced by Paul Amadeus Dienach, the author, who lived during the beginning of the previous century in central Europe. Dienach claims that during his one-year comatose state, brought about by a serious illness, his consciousness travelled to the future in a different body and stayed there for the entire duration of his coma. Although this sounds impossible and indeed fanciful, Dienach’s written account was taken very seriously by the Freemasons, who kept his book as a closely guarded secret.

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  1. Paraglidecrete

    Dienach came to Athens the second time because the story took place in the future Athens.
    The original notes of Dienach were taken away by the nasis in WWII , according to the Greek writer.
    Seems to me that the Greek writer was also a freemason ,given his hi position in education and by many parts of the book like :
    –humans made a colony in Mars but after it was destroyed by natural causes they never tried another colony outside earth
    –israel in the future stretches up to India but most of his inhabitants dont follow the Judaic religion
    etc. For videos in english : Memories from the Future:The Valley of Roses

  2. russell5078084

    interesting that we get no details about the future. so I think this whole thing is bull.

    1. Austin Harding

      russell5078084 read the book. It would be 4 hour video if there were details

    2. Denis Rodrigo

      u should read the book if u want details

    3. G C A

      You have to read the book! All the details are there… This is a short synopsis.

  3. Gal Beeri

    sounds like Georgios Papachatzis made it up

    1. Love Efx

      Have you even read it??

    2. Scorpi0 Moon

      You suck 😂😂😂

  4. joy na hora da pipoca

    By the way the capital of Switzerland isn’t Zurich it’s Bern!

  5. Robert Russell

    So what did he see? We are told he recorded all of this and it is mysterious, but what was it?

    1. G C A

      Read the book!

  6. Johnny Mars

    Loads of bull. He claimed that he wasn’t disclosed the recent future because he could be in danger. Isn’t he a dying man anyways? I suppose we can’t refute him until 2300! He couldn’t be questioned once the diary was released because he’s already dead.

    1. PurpleChalk

      Even if one is dying, is it worth to be tortured and/or ridiculed?
      And for the latter, many of the comments show just that.

  7. LUIS Chavez

    His is real?

    1. The Review Man


  8. Joe Public

    Delirium due to his sickness?

  9. Enzo cunha

    Eu sou do brasil

  10. Thearith Ith

    Does someone Publish the book of this?

    1. Toyz Princezz


  11. mk5453dcg

    There’s plenty of things in this world that science and medicine can’t explain. Doesn’t mean they didn’t happen or the person should be seen as crazy or delusional. People think they got the universe and everything figured out, but maybe they don’t.

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