1st Case of COVID 19 Astrology Chart Analysis

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The Coronavirus, being an unprecedented pandemic, has caused quite a worldwide stir.  The first case was reported on November 17, 2019, in Wuhan, China. Here, we will take a look at the chart using a mundane astrology chart for interpretation.

Astrology Planets, Houses and Conjunctions for the 1st Case of COVID- 19 Chart

The planet Neptune has long been associated with intoxicants, chemicals, and drugs.  Neptune also exhibits highly sensitive Piscean energies. The first house in astrology represents the people of the population under which the event occurred.  With the planet Neptune in the 1st house, we can see the connection between the intoxicant (in this case, COVID-19) and the people of the population.

Uranus in Taurus in the 3rd house in astrology represents the communication of the unusual nature of the pandemic.  It can also represent the local movement of the virus, in terms of its spread. Also, it represents the various information streams and channels it was communicated through, such as the news media.  There is a lot of tension being felt by the population.

The Moon in Cancer in the 6th house This represents the peoples’ focus on a health-related topic.  In this case, people were feeling deep emotional upset regarding the incident.

The planet Mercury here represents information being spread by communication exchanges, news media, newspapers and so on.  With Mercury in the 9th house, this shows us information exchanges on an international level, with news being spread far and wide.  Mercury in Scorpio represents the deadly consequences of the virus.

In the 11th house, we see Venus and Jupiter.  In astrology, Jupiter represents China’s lawmakers working together to impede and control the virus.  Here, Venus represents China’s allies striving to arrive at harmonious resolutions to the conflict.

Pluto in the 12th house signifies the hidden origins of the virus.  It also symbolizes the quarantined nature of the pandemic to come.  This represents people in seclusion. Pluto in the 12th house of Astrology also tells us about the deadly nature of the virus, bouts of fear, and paranoia.  We can also see here that there will be a transformation of business and economic systems, laws, and methods of government.  Radical changes are coming forth. Saturn conjunct Pluto in Astrology foretells of separations and/or losses that can be expected.

Goldsmith’s Revised Sabian Symbol for the 13th Degree of Scorpio tells us gives us this pertinent message/image:

Holding an old-fashioned microphone, a talk radio host makes a number of controversial claims, in an attempt to keep his audience plugged in.

Defiant independence of thought; supplying correctives to public discussions, often through mass media (broadcast eccentric views); cultural provocateurs (court controversy and even scandal; gain attention with extreme opinions, but may end up suffering for it); jolting people out of their complacency vs. toning down high-voltage ideas to make them more palatable; getting the lowdown; connecting the dots; putting together a new synthesis (overly excited by new but unproven connections; spout opinions to see if they have any resonance with the public); staying plugged into current affairs through television, radio, and newspapers; staying on top of an unstable situation (ongoing analysis as new facts come to light); roping people in and browbeating them into an agreement. 

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