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According to the science of astrology, the stars’ energy of stars affects your behavior and preferences. By studying the universe, astrologers aim to predict your future and your possibilities. Do you want to know how the science of astrology works? Stay with us and discover all the mysteries of this branch of human knowledge.

What’s the object of the study of astrology?

Let’s start from the beginning: what is astrology? What’s the point of studying it? What is the science of astrology? Well, astrology studies the relationship between celestial bodies and human behavior. That is, astrologers try to understand if constellations, the sun, or the moon influence us. To do this, astrologers use many scientific tools.

Astrologers determine the position of stars, their path, and their movements. Still, astrology is a very intricate system which also studies seasons, and traditional mythology. All these tools have led to provide further preeminence to certain constellations, signs, and myths.

In this way, and according to Greek traditions, Western astrology has created a system of 12 solar signs, which represent the traits and common characteristics associated with the people born in each cycle. According to the science of astrology, the study of the position of the planets at any given time can allow us to interpret the incidence of celestial movements in a person’s life.

What is science?

Those who have wondered about the science of astrology are usually astronomy enthusiasts. It can be said that Astronomy and Astrology are two ways of studying the same object. Astronomy describes, records, and predict celestial bodies’ behavior.  Astrology looks to establish the relationship between them and humans.

But, is there a science of astrology? Well, the current scientific paradigm, based on René Descartes ideas, develop a method. With that set of steps, scientists studied nature in all its forms, including the most abstracts and intangible. Think numbers, viruses, particles, and atoms. 

Both man and stars are part of nature, and as such are objects of scientific study. Yet, human behavior is much less predictable. Thus, the “pseudosciences” that study human behavior aren’t recognized as equals in the scientific world.

According to “science” a + b = c always. But, for social sciences, and in this case astrology, there are many factors that can generate infinite results. Take, for example, free will, educational background, culture, sex, age. Human behavior doesn’t present anything as immutable as gravity. Yet, there are undeniable “coincidences.”

Is astrology real? ‘What’s the science of astrology?

The most natural conclusion to jump to is that astrology is a pseudoscience. For the scientific paradigm, astrology doesn’t follow the steps of the scientific method. Its predictive capacity of human behavior is not infallible, nor is it in the social sciences like political science, sociology, philosophy, psychology… or other pseudoscientific fields.

Year after year, ideas evolve, and our limited grasp over the universe increases. The knowledge that one day we considered indisputable becomes obsolete the next day. Step by step, the scientific paradigm advances towards unveiling all the universe’s mysteries. The “science” of astrology has only one way to go, join us, and become a part of this fantastic process.

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