Do You Believe in Astrology? Ask Deepak Chopra!

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Should we believe in astrology? Deepak Chopra explores the roots of this ancient way of relating to the cosmos and highlights some of its principles, assumptions, and uses.

Deepak used to be a skeptic but has since developed an appreciation for some of its core principles. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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    Do you believe in reincarnation?

  2. Marc Anthony Marquez


  3. Cooper Cox

    Your Phone is ringing

  4. Cooper Cox

    It is a tool for life experiences

  5. Alia Osman

    Do you believe in silly sounds in the background of this video such as your phone trying to say something.?? Are we supposeD to look beyond this mundane material reality to a higher cosmic purpose or could you simply SWITCH IT OFF ?
    No don’t tell me if we focus enough through meditation we could switch it off ourselves through consciousness and the macrocosm lining up. I knew it was my fault somehow and my karma has tuned up to annoy me through the microcosmic buzzing of a phone. SILLY ME. Let me give you a mantra to vibrate in line with the microcosm of you and your phone and your awareness of the macrocosm of your audience. Here is the Mantra for you to recite a hundred times before you record a video : Turn off the bloody phone. Drink hot water to clear your throat before each video, STOP coughing through the video and clearing mucus while you’re talking, STOP people calling at your door, silence your door bell and lock all doors to stop people moving around during the recording. This mantra will change your life, try it and see the difference. If you believe in infinite possibilities, it will work.

    1. camelia elena

      a very angry one …heh ? but you forgot that your anger has nothing to do with chopra …it is all about you. otherwise you listen what he has to say and you’re happy ab it .dont be angry ,life is shorter every time you get angry .tc

    2. Alia Osman

      @camelia elena If you had read my comment with an open mind you would see I talk about my karma. It’s so spooky how women are always the first to suppress other women and invalidate and control them. You are even threatening me with my life being shortened. You have no right to talk about my life, you are not God. You should worry about your own life. Are you a religious advisor or guru or qualified in any way.?? Did I ask you for spiritual advice huh? ??

    3. A L

      I, for one, was impressed at his focus on what he was saying – how he did not allow the phone vibrating to disorient him. I’d love to learn and practice this kind of presence. You can tell when you’re in the presence of greats, when they are not bothered by the chaos around them and have that zen- ness! To keep his train of thought uninterrupted… 🙌

      I guess I must be getting there bc I didn’t even notice his coughing or whatever else u wrote about lol. 😋😉

    4. Alia Osman

      @A L Wow!! You are such a superior highly developed being. You and DC. How can you bear to be on this planet with the rest of us who pale into comparison as lower forms of life. Unfortunately you’ve missef the earthly point that public videos on You tube are about the audience. I admire your devotion to DC, but you are so lacking in your focus, awareness and conciousness, perhaps distracted by your admiration for him that you didn’t notice he’s. Not coughing in this video, so the comment may be referring to other videos do you think.??? Derrrrrrrr.!!!

    5. A L

      @Alia Osman I feel ya. Sorry if I sounded like I was being superior as it wasnt my intention. I truly am trying to be more focused 😅 I know I dont have to respond and usually I dont bother responding to hate but this feels more like a misunderstanding. Part of me was genuinely surprised/happy at myself for not noticing! The other part was half teasing you about the coughing comment bc I wasnt sure if I had simply missed it or like you said, you were referring to other vids. Felt too lazy to rewatch this just for the sake of checking 😂

      As for devotion, it’s interesting you assume I’m devoted to DC. I do admire and respect him and his teachings yes, but as far as devotion goes, I feel I’m devoted to learning/my self-development (which I’m beginning to realize may take my entire lifetime and then some 🤦🏻‍♀️). When I was younger, I felt like you in my reactions. I judged people for being imperfect when one day I realized it was bc I was imperfect myself and harshly judged growing up. I didnt have role models or mentors to influence me otherwise, so I spent a good number of years reflecting all that pain back out into the world, only to have it come back around and kick me in the tush lol 😭🙄 The kickback wasn’t too kind. Needless to say lesson learned. 😌

      (To me Youtube is/will always be about the creator and the sharing of their creations/expressions of their art, hobbies or practice, popular or not. The goal is their choice, right? If the intention is to gain audience/$$… as long as they’re happy and love what they do, why not. 💪)

      Anyway, I’ll zip it now but before I go, I hope you know without doubt someday, that you are deeply loved, AO! 🌺🕊 I wish you the best blessings and may you find peace and eveything you desire out of life. Take care sister! 🤙🖖


  6. Elwood Arturo JOURDAIN

    Excels…!!! 10/10/1960 Libra- Sign of the RAT.

  7. Ingrid Johana

    I do too! Good to know dear teacher 🙏🏻🦋💜

  8. Issa M.


  9. camelia elena

    one of my realisations ,talking about the univers is that i am the universe . one being of consciousness can expand so so much without limits . but is fun having the experience of a limitation thru matter .makes us realise and want even more the need to expand

  10. aksa8c

    Connecting the space-time event of one’s birth to probabilities of occurrence of future events takes the practice of Vedic astrology to another level. These are concepts that need to be elucidated upon on the lines of, say, “Synchrodestiny”.

    It would be of help to those whose rational minds still feel trapped by fear and foreboding when confronted by adverse astrological predictions in spite of wanting desperately not to put their faith in such less than sooth-sayings.

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