This Eclipse Will Be “The Performance of Our Lives”

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Solar Eclipses may appear disruptive as they break up blockages in our lives. If we think about the obstacles we face, we can work with the cosmic energy to facilitate change. Since this eclipse occurs in dramatic Leo, we might need to step onto the stage — or up on a soapbox — to give the performance of our lives. Fortunately, we can inspire others with our brilliance, because this eclipse forms a harmonious trine with ingenious Uranus.

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  1. Ciaopet

    Thank you for such a beautiful vision. I shall be holding the love with all my heart.Β 
    My Pluto conjunct Jupiter at 28 Leo should help with expansion and transformation-No fear-Just Love.

  2. Almedia78

    The eclipse will be activating my grand fire trine of Aries Sun, Leo Moon / Saturn, Saggitarius Neptune. Actually it is a kite when including Cancer Jupiter. I have been feeling my Heart Center Expand and grow Big time this Summer. It has been beautiful.

  3. Ginger Kral

    It’s a great time for this eclipse. I see it as a reboot for people and to see whether or not they have been acting out of LOVE or FEAR. So much hatred hidden under the guise of enlightenment. I’m excited!

    1. Diane Horton

      Jesus hates no one. You’ve misunderstood His messages.

    2. shmuel

      Diane Horton you have never read the bible nor can you comprehend the scriptures. LOL YOUR LOST IN YOUR PAGAN LIES.

    3. 0z, Ltd.

      Vee K. Jealousy is the root of MOST of my anger, I’m very sorry to say. I didn’t need the eclipse, which came on my birthday of all days, to show me that. When I hear someone win the lottery, or celebs that get paid millions to appear somewhere and do nothing, etc., I get very hurt and angry. I’ve worked very hard all my life, before I was disabled & old, to raise my kids and try to have nice things, like everyone else. But I’ve always been poorer rather than richer, as far as money goes. I’ve been rich in family, but I’ve lost all my older relatives and have no one left but my children and grandchildren. I’m the old person in our family now. But sadly, I’m a very jealous person. I want to leave my kids a little something after I die, but there’s not enough to go around, I’m afraid. This is why I know I’m angry due to jealousy. Maybe most peoples’ anger comes from jealousy; we’ve only got to admit it to ourselves.

    4. 0z, Ltd.

      John Eng Woo too much bs, Mr. Woo.

  4. Victoria Bianco

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! As you articulated a cosmic and local vision of holding Light and Love in our heart, I open my heart to receive that Love and Light and let it flow through me out into all sentient beings. I share and will hold in my heart your vision during this new moon.

  5. LULU bartoni

    Wow Rick, I LOVE your shirt matches the flowers!

  6. Mataharifilms

    conjunct my natal Uranus. Buckling up.

  7. Darleen Yuna

    Thank you so very much, it touched my heart.

  8. stelledevi

    “Think cosmically, act locally”… love it! Thanks Rick!

  9. spiralcosmosart

    “Abuse of power” sounds reminscent of King Solomon’s kingdom going to shitm

  10. Suzanne De Herrera

    No hate……let love shine
    Love the tee-shirt

  11. MakeLifeFun100

    I’ve been watching and reading your work for many years. This was by far the most profound and interesting. May we all learn more about ourselves and our capacity to love this coming Monday.

  12. bella

    We are so ready for this Massive Reboot! Those who will get Eclipsed this year are those who are unseen and doing evil things behind closed doors. The hidden will come into the light for all to see.

  13. Janie Dam

    Gotta love you, Rick.Bless us humans πŸ™‚

  14. vinaya alahan

    My take-away from this is to focus on SELF-reflection and correction, not to attribute motivations and remedies for pubic figures, as seductive as that always is.

    1. Beenthere Donethat

      Vee K. I want to escape from being poor. I want to live in a house where I don’t have to walk through trash just to walk to another room (not my house). I am old, I am a widow, and I am in horrible pain with every movement I make. I can’t get disability because I don’t have money to pay any kind of doctor. I live in a state that refused aide for more Medicaid and I don’t qualify for Medicare. I want friends, but people don’t want to be around someone who is poor. And believe me I prayed and not just for myself. I gave thanks and praise for everything. You know what happened? Life got worse. Jesus is far away and God and I do not speak to each other.

    2. Beenthere Donethat

      Vee K. Oh and the world is not beautiful. It’s rotten and ugly and the man in the White House proves it. Don’t believe me go back and really listen to his words. Watch his actions. He is not a good man. He is not a man of peace.

    3. Some Poor Hobo

      “Jesus is far away and God and I do not speak to each other.” He speaks all the time. We’re not listening. Don’t give up your faith because you aren’t getting what you think you want. Pray with all your heart and God will listen. And Jesus may not be as far away as we think. I have a family member in your situation so I understand your fear.

    4. Elaine BB

      Beenthere Donethat I feel sorry for you…. you want to see it that way because of who you’ve chosen to listen too.

    5. Lola Good Truther

      Filippa Leone amen

  15. Jane Palermo

    Thank you Rick.
    Location, location, location!!! Finding and dwelling in our heart center is our work – whether or not we are up to the task. Humanity grows up. Ready or not, let’s light this thing from the inside out.

  16. Olga OlgaM

    “logically Reasonable”It takes one to know one!!! you must be The one!!!!!!

  17. Richard Abram

    i knew i shouldnt have smoked one before i watched this !

    1. Deborah Lafferty

      Richard Abram lol

  18. Calico Insite

    Good advice and wish I could change the gear I’m stuck in…

    1. Filippa Leone

      Calico Insite …. There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. His name is Jesus. We cannot trust anyone but Him. Sad, but true. Receive Him as your Lord and Savior today and u will never be friendless. He will enrich your life and set u on the right path. U will find friends in other Christians who follow Jesus and show love to their brothers and sisters in Christ. Join a good Bible teaching church and go to their classes. Blessings.

    2. BeautyBeholder

      Great advice. And also consider getting a pet (dog preferably). They will offer you companionship, and are typically loyal and supportive. Also a great distraction from manipulating humans.

    3. Calico Insite

      I just have to learn to deal with living in a world of soulless animals!

  19. Patricia Summers

    I’m still feeling the emotional effect of the solar eclipseβ˜€οΈ Such powerful, beautiful views that touched my very Soul. I just sobbed letting this celestial event go through me. Leo is in my 12th House & after quitting the Facebook scene along with Twitter I’ve been feeling such Peace. Thank you for such a great video!

  20. Wadjet

    I am leo…& I feel love πŸ˜ƒ

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