Lunar Astrology and the Mansions of the Moon

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The word “Mansion” refers to one of the four quarters of the Moon in Lunar Astrology.  This terminology originated from Francis Barrett(1770), who used the term in Book Two of his own classic work The Magnus.  His writings were from a turbulent maritime empire, with references to sailors and captives, therefore the language was privy to the time.  However, his writings can easily be adapted to modern usage.  Barrett was very detailed about the phases of the Moon and its potential for influencing the world.

To give an example of how to work with the lunar mansions in Lunar Astrology, it is best to first identify your objective.  For example, anyone wanting to increase their harvests, in any way, would work with the 28th mansion, or phase of the Moon called Albotham.  To add to the magical workings, it is then suggested to work with corresponding angles, deities, elemental forces, and planets.

Mansions in the First Quarter of Heaven in Lunar Astrology

Mansion #1– Alnath- Interpretation- Discord and journeys

Mansion #2– Allothaim- Interpretation- Finding of Treasures

Mansion #3– Achaomazon- Interpretation- Profitable to sailors, huntsmen, and alchemists.

Mansion #4– Aldebaram- Interpretation- Causes the destruction and hindrances of buildings, fountains, wells, gold mines; the flight of creeping things; and begets discord.

Mansion #5– Alchatay- Interpretation- Helps to return from a journey; assists the instruction of scholars; confirms edifices; gives health and goodwill.

Mansion #6– Alhanna- Interpretation- Conducive to hunting, the besieging of towns and the revenge of princes; destroy harvests and fruits and hinders the operation of the physician.

Mansion #7– Aldimiach- Interpretation- Confers gain and friendship; profitable to lovers; destroys magistracies.

Mansions in the Second Quarter of Heaven in Lunar Astrology

Mansion #8-Alnaza- Interpretation-Love, friendship, and the society of fellow travelers; drives away and afflicts captives.

Mansion #9– Archaam- Interpretation- Hinders harvests and travelers;  puts discord between men.

Mansion #10– Algelioche- Interpretation- Strengthens buildings; yields love, benevolence and helps against enemies.

Mansion #11– Azobra- Interpretation- Good for voyages and gain by merchandise; also, for the redemption of captives.

Mansion #12– Alzarpha- Interpretation- Gives prosperity to harvests, but hinders seamen, good for the bettering of servants, captives, and companions.

Mansion #13– Alhaire- Interpretation- Benevolence, gain, voyage, harvests, and the freedom of captives.

Mansion #14– Achureth- Interpretation- Causes the love of married folks; cures the sick; profitable to sailors but hinders journeys by land.

Mansions in the Third Quarter of Heaven in Lunar Astrology

Mansion#15– Agrapha- Interpretation- Profitable for the extracting of treasures and the digging of pits; assists divorce, discord, and the destruction of houses and enemies; hinder travelers.

Mansion #16– Azubene- Interpretation- Hinders journeys and wedlock, harvests, and merchandise; prevails for the redemption of captives.

Mansion #17– Alchil- Interpretation- Betters a bad fortune; makes love durable; strengthens buildings; helps seamen.

Mansion #18– Alchas- Interpretation- Causes discord, sedition, conspiracy against princes and the mighty ones and revenge from enemies; frees captives; helps edifices.

Mansion #19– Allathat- Interpretation- Assists in the besieging of cities and taking of towns, and in the driving of men from their places, the destruction of seamen and the perdition of captives.

Mansion #20– Abnahaya- Interpretation- Helps in the taming of wild beasts and the strengthening of prisons; destroys the wealth of societies; compels a man to come to a certain place.

Mansion #21– Abeda- Interpretation- Good for harvests, gain, buildings, and travelers; causes divorce.

Mansions in the Fourth Quarter of Heaven in Lunar Astrology

Mansion #22– Sadahacha- Interpretation- Promotes the flight of servants and captives, that they may escape; helps the curing of diseases.

Mansion #23- Zabadola- Interpretation- Good for divorce, the liberty of captives and the health of the sick.

Mansion #24– Sadabath- Interpretation- Prevalent for the benevolence of married people and the victory of soldiers; harms the execution of government and prevents it from being exercised.

Mansion #25– Sadalabra- Interpretation- Favors besieging and revenge; destroys enemies; causes divorce; confirms prisons and buildings; hastens messengers; conducive to spells against copulation, and so binds every member of the human race, that it cannot perform its duty.

Mansion #26– Alpharg- Interpretation- Causes union; good for the health of captives; destroys buildings and prisons.

Mansion #27– Alcharya- Interpretation- Increases harvests, revenues, and gain; heals infirmities, but hinders buildings; prolongs prisons, causes danger to seaman; helps to confer mischief on those whom you shall please.

Mansion #28– Albotham- Interpretation- Increases harvests and merchandize; secures travelers through dangerous places; makes for the joy of married couples; strengthens prisons.

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