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Dr. Anthony Fauci is currently America’s top trusted immunologist.  He has been in the public spotlight during the COVID pandemic. Here, we will look at some of the prominent aspects of Dr. Fauci’s natal chart.

The Ascendant and the 1st house in the Natal Chart

The Ascendant in Aries shows Dr. Fauci’s primary motivation is to attain power and recognition in life, according to his natal chart.  He is straightforward, direct and has an active and energetic personality. The Ascendant in Aries makes him assertive, self-reliant and self-motivated.  He has natural leadership qualities but may rush to get things done.

The following Sabian Symbol refers to the Ascendant in Aries of Dr. Fauci’s Natal Chart:

Eyes fixed on the horizon, a Samurai chief on horseback leads a rowdy, good-natured band of warriors through enemy territory.

Steely resolve; steadfastness of purpose; clearly visualizing one’s ultimate goal; infusing others with one’s vision of the future; gaining a following through one’s example of commitment, self-sacrifice, and self-discipline, but also showing forbearance towards the weaknesses and limitations of one’s comrades; mastering one’s lesser desires and impulses and putting them under the command of one’s dominant purpose (determined to enjoy their trek through life despite its hardships); decisive leadership (ruthless); having a firm grasp of one’s situation, its needs and its possibilities; the power of an indomitable will to get things done; pursuing and eventually materializing a vision; setting out bravely to meet one’s destiny; emerging as a major power.

Jupiter in Taurus in the 1st House of the Natal Chart

Jupiter in the first house shows us that Dr. Fauci is an eternal optimist who has the ability to light up any room.  He is positive, outgoing and enthusiastic. He radiates self-confidence, which helps people to feel comfortable and safe in his presence.  With Jupiter in Taurus, Dr. Fauci has a desire to acquire possessions and gain material security, by the looks of his natal chart.  With regards to judicial or religious matters, he holds mostly established views and conservative attitudes.

Dr. Fauci has a generally positive and healthy outlook on life, according to Jupiter trine the Sun in his natal chart.  Generosity of spirit and goodwill towards others makes him a popular person to be around. He has a strong ability to successfully advance his material, social, intellectual and spiritual aspirations.  In general, he is a fortunate person whose needs in life are met without too much hardship.

Jupiter Opposition to the Moon in Dr. Fauci’s natal chart shows he has a helpful and obliging nature, coupled with the desire to help others in need.  This aspect also shows he has connections with overseas countries through travel or international business contacts.

Jupiter Square Pluto in Dr. Fauci’s natal chart shows he has a strong desire to make his mark on the world and accomplish something of significance.  He is ambitious and self-motivated and pursues his goals with passion and intensity. He should, however, make sure he doesn’t let his power go to his head, because it could turn people against him.  Similarly, he could risk placing himself in loss situations through arrogance, or if he provokes those with greater authority then him.

Jupiter Trine Midheaven in Dr. Fauci’s natal chart shows he has risen to a high position within his career.  He has advanced personally and professionally. This aspect also shows others seek out his advice and that those in power tend to favor him.

Saturn in the 1st house shows us Dr. Fauci has a serious personality.  Generally, he does not speak or act without good reason or intention.  He is naturally careful, with good self-control and self-discipline. He has the power to achieve positions of prominence and responsibility in life through hard work and perseverance.

The Sixth House in the Natal Chart

The 6th house Cusp in Leo in Dr. Fauci’s natal chart shows us Dr. Fauci has a need to receive acknowledgement for his efforts at work.  He is best suited to jobs in which he holds managerial or leadership positions. He tends to not be comfortable in subordinate roles.

The 6th House Cusp Ruler, the Sun in 9th House, shows that Dr. Fauci has a job that is connected with travel or tourism.  This shows he has an occupation that brings him in contact with foreigners. This aspect shows he could work with teaching and higher education sectors.

Neptune in the 6th house shows Dr. Fauci has a sensitive nervous system and may need to take care with intoxicants and medications or shows his involvement in working with them.  Neptune in Virgo shows Dr. Fauci’s readiness for service at a personal, spiritual or practical level. He has a gift for comforting others.

The following is the Goldsmith’s Sabian Symbol for Neptune in Dr. Fauci’s natal chart:

A bald-headed man interrupts the discussion at a political meeting and forcefully introduces a totally different way of framing the problem.

Injecting new ideas into public discourse (argumentative); convincing others that one’s own way of framing the situation is the correct one; derailing a false line of thought or a misguided policy; thought-provoking opinions and probing questions that get people to a deeper level; orchestrating the affairs of a group-whether of a family, a rock band, or a business; wrangling agreement from others by using soft or hard sells (employ heavy sarcasm to stifle opposition; harshly critical); finding a consensus vs. redoubling one’s efforts when the balance of public opinion turns against one; assessing the validity of one’s point of view by the results it produces vs. refusing to reexamine one’s basic assumptions (dominate others intellectually, emotionally or physically).

The Moon’s North Node Square the Sun in Dr. Fauci’s natal chart shows he can have a testing relationship with others, most likely authority figures.  He may often feel blocked by other people from achieving his objectives, or experience difficulties with others through ego clashes.

The 8th House in the Natal Chart

The following is the Goldsmith’s Sabian Symbol for the asteroid Pallas in Dr. Fauci’s Natal Chart:

Pallas in the 8th House–Pallas 17 SC 00, Goldsmith’s Revised Sabian Symbol for 18th degree of Scorpio

A hunter, with only a few bullets left, is being stalked by a pack of wolves.  He climbs a tree in the forest and looks around with infrared glasses to determine their location.

Living a dangerous, adventure-filled life; being fully alive to the moment because tomorrow one may die (create intensity and drama in their environment, sometimes needlessly); exploring dangerous foreign territory; outwitting or outmaneuvering one’s enemies when they are ‘gunning for you’; dangerous situations that heighten the senses-especially one’s animal instincts; looking at the world with completely new eyes after an intense, transformative experience; creating droll, surrealistic art, as if from another world (drug use); the proximity of life and death, and even of other dimensions; getting bored with one scene and exploring a fascinating new path that has opened up in front of you; bringing back a magical or wondrous gift from one’s physical or mental travels.

The 9th House in the Natal Chart

With the 9th house Cusp in Sagittarius, Dr. Fauci is well suited to the study of wisdom and knowledge.  This aspect shows us he has a natural interest in philosophy and higher education. He is strongly motivated to expand his horizons and can realize this through travel or study.  Important teachers and advisers in his life may be broad-minded or wise but can also be dogmatic.

Mercury in the 9th house shows us Dr. Fauci is interested in knowledge, philosophy and spiritual matters.  He is motivated to broaden his horizons and intellectual understanding. He will achieve this through further education and foreign travel. Mercury in the 9th house shows he has talents in law, publishing, teaching or the travel industry.

The following Goldsmith’s Sabian Symbol is for Mercury in Sagittarius in Dr. Fauci’s Natal Chart:

Oppressed immigrants of many nations sail towards New York.  As they pass the Statue of Liberty, some stare in awe, while others break into a celebratory dance.

Moving to a place where one can really be free (travel); breaking the mental shackles that allow one to accept an oppressive situation; leaving behind one’s old life; fully claiming one’s newfound liberty through the exercise of one’s freedom of speech, freedom of religious belief, freedom to go where one wants to go and do what one wants to do; feeling shackled vs. busting loose (exhibitionists-may flaunt their freedom of expression in outrageous, rowdy ways); standing up for high personal or national ideals; serving as a shining example of dignity and freedom; urging humanity to attain its full stature; sense of unbounded possibility; setting out in life to accomplish something; grabbing one’s chance; gratitude towards God, whose blessings fall equally on all human tribes.

The Sun in the 9th house in Dr. Fauci’s natal chart shows his strong overseas connections.  He may travel a great deal or live abroad. He has strong beliefs and opinions and may come across to others as opinionated.  The Sun in Capricorn shows Dr. Fauci’s serious nature. He recognizes that anything worth pursuing requires self-discipline and hard work.  Naturally conservative, Dr. Fauci has a strong sense of right and wrong and correct behavior. Tenacity and endurance usually reward him with desired success.  Ever practical, he also can have a talent for business.

The Following Goldsmith’s Sabian Symbol is for the Sun in Capricorn in Dr. Fauci’s Natal Chart

A social psychologist, after a full day studying people’s behavior, returns to his lantern-lit library to write down his findings.

Making a study of human motivation and desire, including one’s own; shining the light of understanding on the human condition (insightful counselors and social critics); listening with the heart to other people’s stories, versus thinking one knows what’s best for everyone (focusing on people’s problems and failures may lead to misanthropy, pessimism and depression); being able to read other people ‘like an open book’ vs. imagining that others can intuit one’s own needs and desires just as easily (must learn how to ask others for what they really want); matter of fact description of social problems and how one might effectively address them; educating oneself on matters of personal interest (bookish); art and literature as a way of gaining an understanding of one’s deeper emotions.

The Sun Conjunct Midheaven in Dr. Fauci’s natal chart says he may have received honors in life through hard work and endeavor.  Success and professional respect are important to him and he may take pride in vocational accomplishments. This aspect shows he has the ability to attain a measure of distinction and recognition in his career and is capable of holding authoritative positions.


  • Goldsmith’s Revised Sabian Symbols are from the publication
  • ‘The Zodiac by Degrees’ – Second Edition
  • Author: Martin Goldsmith
  • Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser

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