What is a Natal Chart and Where Can You Get One Made?

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A natal chart is also referred to as a birth chart. It is a cosmic snapshot based on the exact positions of the planets and luminaries at your exact time of birth.  The chart can tell you all about yourself and your primary motivations in life. It helps you to deeper understand your identity and character. It also contains insightful information regarding your strengths and weaknesses. You will also be able to uncover some of your life challenges and areas of potential.  

What’s all in a natal chart?

Your natal chart will consist of the planets, luminaries and some personal points. The eight planets it displays are; Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The Sun and the Moon are considered the luminaries.  Personal points on your natal chart are the north node, south node, midheaven and ascendant. The lunar nodes are the points where the moon’s orbit and the ecliptic plane meet during the time you were born. The north node has to do with your current destiny.  The south node tells about your past lives and karma. The midheaven (MC or Medium Coeli), is located at the highest point at the top of your chart. It has to do with your aim in life, career and how you are seen by the external world. The ascendant is the extreme left point in your chart.  It is the place in the sky where the sun rises every morning.  The ascendant can represent the linking between our sun and moon sign, or between our conscious and unconscious selves.  

The Houses & Aspects of a natal chart

Your natal chart will cover twelve areas of your life represented by the houses. Each house represents a primary area of your life. There are related multiple meanings and representations within each house. Some of the areas the houses represent are; your finances and personal possessions, your immediate environment, your family, children, work and service, important relationships, travel, your career potential, your friends and colleagues, and your health. 

The aspects within your natal chart will be indicated by usually blue and red lines that connect the planetary bodies. Some of these aspects are harmonious and easy and others are disharmonious and hard. The aspects connect and are related to different areas of your life (or houses), in either harmonious ways or difficult ways. 

The aspects possess different strengths of energy or intensities between each other. The major aspects are the aspects with the most intense energy. These are the ones that will affect your area of life the most. The major aspects are; conjunction, trine, opposition, square and sextile.  Medium strength and minor aspects are less energetic, therefore not having as much effect on your life as the former. Minor aspects are; sesquisquare, semisquare, semisextile and quincunx. Disharmonious aspects are usually represented by red lines within your natal chart. Harmonious aspects are usually indicated by blue lines within the chart.  Sometimes green lines are used to indicate the minor aspects such as semisextile and quincunx.  

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Contradictions within your natal chart

You may find some parts of your natal chart to be confusing. You may run across some contradictions within your character and areas of your life. This is to be expected. The human is a multi-faceted complex being. Always evolving and changing, the human is always learning and growing. Each moment that passes, you are not the same person as you were before. 

 Life is also a complex matter of existence. Life is full of twists and turns, abrupt surprises and changes. Relationship dynamics between people are also constantly evolving and changing. Life is cyclical and we are creatures of habit. Therefore, you may find reoccurring themes and patterns within your natal chart. 

What do I need to get a natal chart and where can I get one made?

What is required to compose your natal chart? You will need to give your full date of birth, exact location of birth, and time of your birth. You can get a free natal chart here

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