Natal Chart Analysis for the W.H.O. (World Health Organization)

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The World Health Organization has been the source of much attention, both positive and negative, within the current news media.  Nevertheless, the W.H.O has played and continues to play, a world-renowned role in the health care of humanity.  The W.H.O. was created on April 7, 1948, in Geneva, Switzerland.  Here, we will look at some prominent Astrological aspects of the W.H.O through its Natal chart analysis.

Mars in the second house in Leo in W.H.O.’s natal chart shows the organization acts with great self-assurance and self-confidence, especially in the area that it knows best, health.  This organization has an enterprising spirit, coupled with the capability to demonstrate leadership and initiative.  The organization and its associates like to take charge of situations and exercise their authority over others.  Negatively, the organization and its organizers can have a tendency to act in an arrogant or domineering fashion toward other people and entities.

With Mercury in the 9th house in the W.H.O. ‘s natal chart, we can see this organization has an interest in higher knowledge and adding to its corporate philosophy.  The organization is motivated to broaden its horizons and intellectual understanding and achieves this through further education and foreign travel.  The W.H.O. is connected and has an interest in the laws when it comes to health-related information.  The entity also spreads its information far and wide, reaching many countries and territories.  This organization is also interested in teaching and educating on a mass level.

The Sun in the 10th house in the W.H. O’s natal chart shows the ambitious energy of the organization and its ability to rise to the position of prominence and importance in life publicly.  This organization is in a leadership position and is the prominent ranking health organization looked up to by health industries of the world.  The entity has an interest and involvement in politics, as shown by the Sun in the 10th house, the house of Capricorn.

With the Sun in Aries, we can see the W.H.O. has an assertive and direct nature, with an urge to be constantly spreading information in some capacity. This organization is motivated and enterprising and likes to take initiative.  The spirit of this organization is bold and courageous and will often take risks or attempt things that others find daunting.  The entity has a competitive spirit and likes to challenge others mentally, as well as challenging itself and its associates.  Negatively, at times, this organization can act in a selfish way when it comes to meeting its objectives.  It is an organization that will dare to rush in where others may fear to tread.

The following Sabian Symbol for the asteroid Pallas in Aries in the W.H.O.’s natal chart gives this message/vision regarding the organization:

The new king stands before his people, and in resounding tones introduces himself and his political vision for the country.

Leadership in the political or moral sphere that emerges from a clear vision of what’s best for one’s country; delivering one’s opinions with confidence and conviction (persuasive; gather followers who accept their line of thinking); aggressive self-education stimulated by a desire for clarity (read and think a lot but may still end up with bad blind spots); holding oneself to high standards (loyalty to the light-force); exemplifying one’s ideals in one’s words, deeds and bearing; having clear ideas about political policy (ambitious; want to rise to decision-making positions); recognizing the best in others and inspiring them to reach their full stature (foster unhealthy dependencies); taking an admirably independent stance vs. dictatorial demand for acquiescence.

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