SARGON OF AKKAD: The Rise and Fall of An Empire

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We all know the great conquerors of history – these mighty leaders proved their strategic genius time and again through their spectacular battlefield exploits. But one name we often forget predates them all, and hails from the desert, in the cradle of civilization. This Mesopotamian leader established a sprawling empire in his lifetime, bringing city-states to their knees, and spreading terror through the hearts of his enemies.

This is Ancient Origins, and today we’ll be recounting the incredible story of King Sargon the Great, founder of the Akkadian Empire. S

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  1. TheNeighborNicky

    I haven’t watched it yet

  2. Shermanator Osborn

    You deserve a raise$$ : )

    1. Ancient Origins

      Glad you enjoyed. Thanks for watching!

  3. Justice is CLEAR

    Has nothing to do with Carl Benjamin, lol !

  4. The Triangle Productions

    Nice work. Make more!

    1. Ancient Origins

      Thanks for watching!

  5. Michael Zand

    Great video

    1. Ancient Origins

      Glad you liked it! Thanks for watching.

  6. John Duxbury

    Carl Benjamin for PM !! 😉

  7. gilly

    Sargon did nothing wrong 👌

  8. Ort

    I am Assyrian and Sargon is part of my history. Very proud.

    1. Ancient Origins

      Thanks for watching. Glad you enjoyed!

    2. Numale Soybea

      Having a fat atheist YouTuber be part of your history isn’t anything to be proud of.

    3. XepA

      @Numale Soybea How mature

  9. Eduardo Tarasiuk

    FYI : The presentation is about Sargon I of Akkad, but almost all the pictures are of Sargon II from Assyria !!There are no connection except to the name between both kings.

    Sargon I : 1860–1821 BC
    Sargon II: 722 – 705 BC

    A difference of 1000 years!

    1. Ancient Origins

      Thank you for the good feedback!

    2. youtube comment youtube comment

      Sargon of akkad ruled during 2340 bc

  10. Antonio Silva

    Menel Tekel Fares? was the words inscribed in the wall before a King? Which king was he?

  11. Lord Voldemort

    Great video. I just wanted to say that Sumerian language didn’t go extinct.. it’s just thaat it was becoming more and more exclusive to religious and administrative documents. But I think you already know that I just feared that the word “extincet” may give a false impression to the viewers.

  12. sheed mm

    Long live Sargon the great 🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶

    1. Raed Kina

      My name is sargon

  13. The Pigman

    Wrong Sargon.

  14. DEL J

    Dajjal’s one eye in the thumbnail….was he the one which our prophet Mohammad(PBUH) told about??

    1. Jamal Jones

      Tell me more about that. I’m curious

  15. MANGo 13

    Ein super information über König Sargon

  16. Jes

    He got fat, and started making ytube vids……

  17. Melon Usk

    WOW! Global warming got the first civilization too! Who would have thought it was a problem back then as well?

  18. JustSpectre

    The fall of the empire was not caused by Naram-Sin’s hubris, but by sacrelige against temple of Enlil. In text called Curse of Akkad Naram-Sin destroyed Enlils temple which enraged the god and he sent down Gutians to destroy Akkad.

  19. Bobby E. Wright

    Just one thing sargon of akkad lived 2300bce moses if he existed at all lived around 1200bce so the moses story is the second hand story well actually the egyptian king tahutmoses the third who ruled in the 1400s bce was also said to be put in a basket on the nile hmmmm

    1. KLRJUNE

      Since you’re making assumptions let’s assume this, women did such things to rid themselves of a child they could not take care of or protect. Not just one or two women but thousands over the centuries may have done that. The repetition of the theme seems to indicate that it did happen, and happen often. Hmmm.

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