Exploring Luxor, Egypt – Gary Evans on Ancient Origins

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Gary Evans, researcher of ancient mysteries, PR agent, and tour organiser, explores the stunning ancient site of Luxor in Egypt, offering a different perspective to what is ordinarily experienced by the thousands of tourists that visit this magnificent place each and every year.

In this presentation, Gary Evans sheds light on the power and energetic properties of ancient sites such as Luxor, and explains how they can be experienced in a profound and life-changing way.

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  1. sssshhhh101

    Great images.
    I wish I could go there and just quietly sit and absorb whatever I find. Let all my senses take it all in. But I don’t think I’ll ever make it there. Me and many others who’d like to go won’t ever make it there. But, thanks to the magic of youtube we can see things we’d never get a chance to see from you and others like you who make videos.
    Thanks you for all you do. Your work touches many others.
    Peace and health to you and all you do

  2. Tinfoil Hat Lady

    So sweet thanks

  3. jenny gem

    why ur channel is not uploading anymore videos or documentries?

  4. Julie Kemp

    Some of the Pharaohs’ sculptures, especially the faces, readily reminds me of very oldest Buddha sculptures. The precision is breath-taking. Meditation and contemplation is instrinsic of the Consciousness Movement and the truly high symbolic and scientific grasp of reality that John Anthony West and many good others have cottoned on to. Terrific. Terrific. Terrific. Well said Gary re the temples and the authors, all of whom i’ve have in recent years listened to and read. I hope that i may visit the region soon. I really want to give reverence and submit to the majesty. I’m pro Anunnaki and see such depth of history and the new DNA research all cohere more and more. Praise be to the Creator of All and his other creatures, Enki, Ningishzidda/Thoth et al, and Ninhursag, alone with Laurence Gardner, Graham Hancock, Sitchen, van Daniken and so many good others, including yourself. Cheers and Thank You.

  5. Julie Kemp

    Just to add that your reference to the European Renaissance slots well into my understanding of recent times, that Sir Francis Bacon, actually Shakespeare, had many references to the Ancients in his known works and more so in his ‘concealed’ works of poetry and the Plays. He was multilingual, knew of pre-dynastic Egypt and because of his high birth, the 1st son of Elizabeth I and Lord Robert Dudley, he had enormous talents in learning and mastering languages and translated much from European and i think it was Aramaic also which he enjoyed and incorporated artfully in his works, supported esp in the Plays by, his “good pens” also talented, aristocratic or learned people, including some ladies. So many themes or streams in our contemporary culture has the deepest roots in the deepest ancient past – well before Greece and Rome, and they knew that eg Plato, Herodotus et al. Suggestion and mystery, lateral thinkers, challengers of archly hippocritical orthodoxists have over the past 500 years or so have periously tried to bring about truer and the real grasp of human awareness and integrity of knowing.

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