Should I follow Western or Chinese Astrology?

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Western and Chinese Astrology may seem to be similar in the end results, that’s were the commonalities end.  They are both based on very different systems and world-views.

So how do you decide if you should follow Western or Chinese Astrology?

The Western Horoscopes that we are familiar with are determined by the period of time during the year that we were born. Whereas the Chinese Horoscopes are based solely on our birth year.

Chinese Astrology came to be during the Han Dynasty (2 BC to 2 AD), and follows closely to the philosophies of the time. This 400 year period is known as China’s Golden Age; Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism are widely respected and accepted.  These philosophies helped shape Chinese Astrology interpretations. 

Chinese Astrology is a culmination of Yin and Yang principles; solar and lunar calendars; Wu-Xing or the Five-Phases or 5-Elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water; the 4 seasons, the  cardinal directions together with organs and systems of the human body.

These philosophies, along with the newly formed concepts of Heaven and Earth, formalized what we now know as Traditional Chinese Medicine, along with Alchemy and Divination. None of this is, or anything even like this is found in Western Astrology.

Chinese Astrology using the Planets

The 5 planets known at that time; Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and Saturn, are directly related to Wu-Xing (the 5-Elements).

These were all combined, assigned an animal and a color to represent them.

Chinese Astrology association to the 5 Elements

Wood – East – Springtime – Azure Dragon – Jupiter – Green -Liver and Gallbladder

Fire – South – Summer – Vermilion Bird/Vermilion Phoenix – Mars – Red – Circulatory system, Heart and Small intestine

Earth – Center – season change (the last month of that season) – The Yellow Dragon – Saturn – Yellow – Digestive system, Spleen and Stomach

Metal – West – Autumn – White Tiger – Venus – White – Respiratory system, Lung and Large intestine 

Water – North – Winter – Black Tortoise – Mercury = Black/Blue  – Skeleton, Urinary bladder and Kidney

The Rule for the lunisolar calendar is a year that ends with an even number is y  ang, and if it ends with an odd number it is yin.

For the 5-Elements the rule follows the yin and yang for each element for that year that ends with: 

0 = Yang / Metal

1 = Yin / Metal

2 = Yang / Water

3 = Yin / Water

4 = Yang / Wood

5 = Yin /Wood

6 = Yang / Fire

7 = Yin / Fire

8 = Yang / Earth

9 = Yin / Earth

Chinese Astrology Zodiac Signs 

Follow a 12-year cycle represented by Animal Totems derived from the 28 Chinese constellations, which far differ from Western ones.

Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Phoenix, Dog, Cat (Pig), Rat, Ox

The Major Greek Deities known as the 12 Olympians correspond to the Chinese 12 Things, or Zodiac Signs:

Hera, Zeus, Poseidon, Ceres, Diana, Apollo, Ares, Athena, Aphrodite, Hermes, Dionysus, Vesta

One’s Destiny in Chinese Astrology

An individual’s destiny can be read by the position of these 5 planets on the day of their birth. Together with the positions of the Sun and Moon, the exact time of birth and their Zodiac Sign. Further can be read into the interpretation by considering from the year: yin or yang tendencies, and which of the 5 Elements corresponds to that year. 

So in the end, you may find that Chinese Astrology to determine your Horoscope may be just a little more exacting than Western Astrology.

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