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The Chinese view Divination through Chinese Astrology as the true way. They do not agree with the practices of “fortune-telling” that is done in Western Culture today. Back in the Middle Ages, European countries saw Astrology and Astronomy as interwoven modalities; there was no real delineation between the two. As the “Age of Enlightenment” brought about science and medicine out of alchemy, and astronomy and astrology started to separate their schools of thought… the Chinese still held on to their belief that they are one and the same.

Divination through Chinese Astrology is called “Zi wei dou shu” which roughly translates to “Purple Star Astrology”, it is the ancient form of fortune-telling in the Chinese culture. It is still used today and is believed by many to be the best method of Divination through Chinese Astrology for predicting “The Destiny Path” or one’s “Fate”.

This form of Divination through Chinese Astrology was created by Lu Chun Yang, a Taoist in the Tang Dynasty. Chen Xi Yi of the Song Dynasty further developed the methods. Then the final revisions were made by Luo Hong Xian of the Ming Dynasty. It remains the same today as it was then.

The origins of this divination practice are still unknown for certain and it is still debated between different Taoist schools today. 

Zi Wei Dou Shu Interpretation

Zi Wei translates to “Purple Rosa Multiflora”, “Baby Rose” or “Rambler Rose”. In Chinese Astronomy this is a majestic color of Nobility and is connected to spiritual goals.  In ancient simplified Chinese writing, Noble Rose depicted the North Star, which is the star that is used by navigators at night.

Dou refers to the “Big Dipper constellation”. The two outermost stars at the bottom of the Big Dipper point to Polaris, called the North Star or Pole star. A major star that is closely aligned with the Earth’s axis. 

Shu means “calculate or calculation”.  In China’s antiquity, Zi Wei Dou Shu was exclusively for the private consultation of the Imperial Emperors.  This Divination practice offered a detailed reading that was way too specific in details of coming events and was therefore considered classified Information. 

The Imperial Astronomers, that were also Astrologers, used Zi Wei Dou Shu to map out charts for the Emperor’s destiny.  For his destiny is directly connected to, and affects, the destiny of his dynasty as well. 

In Zi Wei Dou Shu, the Purple star called “The Emperor Star” is the main focal point for plotting  “the Destiny path”, all other stars revolve around it, as does the dynasty revolve around the Emperor.  As Above, So Below. 

Zi Wei Dou Shu has been used by specialized consultants and experts for more than a thousand years; to determine not only the client’s destiny but also corrective Feng Shui approaches. 

Zi Wei Dou Shu contains its own distinctive Feng Shui beliefs and rules. It is known as “Personalized Feng Shui”.


Divination and Chinese Astrology has always been intimately interwoven with Astronomy. It was believed that the court astrologers played an essential role in determining the successor to the dynasty.

As is true with most other types of divination, the Chinese do not see Divination through Chinese astrology as fortune-telling what will happen, but more as a means of forecasting in great detail things about their destiny path and fate.

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