Synchronicity – Revealing Spiritual Reality Within Material Manifestation

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The objective of this video is to re-examine the creation myths that guide our lives and to reveal that we do indeed live in a conscious universe. The evidence of this consciousness and purposeful intent is evident everywhere in the intricate design of reality. Astrology and metaphysics can be understood to work with this understanding which, in some respects, may be deemed ‘elementary and obvious’. In this expanded and holistic perspective on reality, our individual souls and the collective truth of our inherently spiritual ‘nature’ has a vital role to play in the evolution of the cosmos and indeed is central to its very design and function. With this understanding, we can look to metaphysical sciences and tools such as Astrology and Numerology to awaken to what we already know yet the knowing of which resides in a semi-dormant state, at least, and in some respects is fast asleep, yet can be awakened to both a greater sense of intrinsic purpose for being alive at all and towards the value of directing one’s life towards both the cultivation of the soul and meaningful contribution to the collective.

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