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From Human to #Metahuman : Secret to Creativity

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  5. Preliminimal

    … Creativity is best undefined. It is creating from inspiration in the moment … When an artistic or creative individual over-analyzes or becomes very self-conscious, then the mystique and playfulness is blocked, stifled by analysis-paralysic, which interferes with the spontaneum of the authenticness. An artist flows forward like an exploration in a state of intrigue, unless they develop intentions or repeating cookie-cutter formulas of what it will be– then they become a vicious whirlpool, mechanical impersonal artist

    1. André Ferrizzi

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  8. About Creativity

    Very good, ´´Creativity = Infinity´´

  9. Laura Botero

    Art is naught but that expressive jab forward, whose inertia was created by the momentum off-sprung by personal karma. All portraits are self-portraits. All reveal more of the artist than of his subject. Art is that expressive distortion of truth in a thing which yearns to embody the perfection of formless truth. The echo of the divine word. The creation of the creation. Art is the caricature of the spirit in his sojourn back into its source in realizing its own absolutness. It is an unwitting and beautifull confession of its own immaturity.

    1. André Ferrizzi

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      @André Ferrizzi God Bless you, my brother.

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    Seek and you shall find. I”m so happy that I’ve found your channel! Namaste. 🙏🙏

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