The Art of Astrology

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The art of astrology encompasses many factors, scientific tools and the stories of mythological heroes. It covers the celestial vault; the stars, comets, planets, and numbers. Now, there are also astrological art and the science of astrology. Today we will investigate the most magical details of astrology: the connections between art and astrology.

Is there an art of astrology?We are still wondering if there’s such a thing as a science of astrology. Even so, it is undeniable that the art of astrology has existed since the beginning of time. Every civilization with an interest in astronomy has bumped into the same questions: is there a connection between celestial bodies and human behavior?

The symbolism of the Zodiac has inspired the genius of Dali, Titian, Da Vinci, and other artists that have transformed their curiosity into art. The traditions, archetypes, and legends contained in astrology create a system of mystical lessons for personal growth.

We are made of stardust

What are we? Why are we here? Who am I? These are the questions that come before big changes occur. Some believe that the first energy burst, the Big Bang, was the creative spark of life. Thus, everything in the universe is a combination of the same matter. We too, are made of stardust, burning energy, and vibrating in harmony with everything else.

Each zodiac sign is connected not only to a constellation but also to a piece of Greek mythology. In turn, each myth contains a deep psychological lesson; a challenge for each sign. According to their characteristics, personality, and temperament, each sign has a lesson to learn.

The road to maturity:

Take as an example: Sagittarius, the archer. Half man, half horse, the most famous centaur of Greek mythology is Chiron the Wise. Both Sagittarius, with its arrow pointing to the sky, and Chiron are a symbol of freedom. They represent the fight between the animal impulses and the heavenly wisdom.

The beast and spiritual aspects of man coexist in one body. And it is in the search for that balance where we struggle. The art of astrology lesson that Sagittarius needs to learn is that, even though Chiron became the teacher of heroes and gods, he could never deny his primary, animal aspects.

What is the lesson? What is the art of astrology?

The lesson for Sagittarius is learning how to handle commitment. Their overwhelming energy, and taste for adventure, clashes with their mortal reality. Sagittarius can live under their own rules…or accompanied, committed, loved.

The ability to establish all these connections, to dig deeper, and go beyond the obvious is what we could call the art of Astrology. A thorough task in which scientific, intuitive, historical, and spiritual elements converge. Each human being has an astrological combination that makes them unique. As unique as the obstacles to overcome and talents to make it through. Mastering all of those elements is also an art.

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