Interview with Lucy Wyatt – The Origin of Ancient Cities

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In this interview, Lucy Wyatt, author of ‘Approaching Chaos’ and co-organizer of the Eternal Knowledge Festival, shares her perspectives on the origin of ancient civilizations and cities. Lucy challenges the mainstream perspective that, starting around 10,000 years ago, hunter-gatherers became farmers, who formed towns, then cities.

Instead, she proposes that the original city builders were shamanic priest-kings and that the earliest cities correspond to an archetype which allowed the elite to live in comfort and in harmony with nature. Even more fascinating, Lucy proposes that the pharaohs of Egypt were also shamans who accessed vital knowledge through their sacred rites and rituals.

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  1. Salena Shakti Radford

    Shroom heads 🙂

  2. J. Morrissey

    wow her claims about invasion is wrong. She forgot about the Hyksos invasion. That was the Biblical exodus for god sake. How can you be wrong about that! The Persians were not the 1st to invade. You must educate yourself here because I lose confidence in your claims of other stuff. Its interesting for sure but you must study David Rohl’s work more seriously.

    1. Jessie Rey

      I think you misunderstood her. She was only referring to the 1st invasion that ended the Egyptian civilization. She did not say the 1st invasion ever. Only the invasion that spurred on the fall & final end of that civilization.

  3. Jessie Rey

    She doesn’t say where the exact proof is that this festival took place in the pyramid. She just says it happens there. Where is it specifically stated that they went into the kings chamber in the pyramid? It does not exist. I think its just a hypothesis of personal opinions. I agree it took place but not in the pyramid. Her comment about memory being so important & they didnt write it all down is BS! It was just stolen & is currently kept in private collections so the public cant see it and / or it was destroyed. Her comment about not writing it down is just convenient BS for her books and making money on her theories. This is interesting but a lot of this is not authentic its just purely a guess on her part…her opinion with a bit of evidence.

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