Scott Roberts on the Rise and Fall of the Nephilim

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In this interview, Scott Alan Roberts unravels some of the mystery associated with the Nephilim, as spoken about in Genesis, and provides an alternative interpretation of accounts written about in the Bible. He challenges conventional thinking regarding Adam and Eve, the great flood, and other biblical stories and delves into the symbology of the serpent.

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  1. Bryan Smith

    Fantastic! Love Scotty!

  2. Bryan Smith

    One of these years I’ve got to make it to a Paradigm Symposium.

  3. Antoinette

    that was interesting.

  4. Willard Marett

    He should stick to the anthropology but speak less on faith. He has all the knowledge when it comes to ancient cultures and tales, I agree with his findings almost 100%. Yet when it comes to faith I must say it’s a case of knowledge without wisdom. You know the history sir, but you’ve failed to see the truth.

  5. martyw34


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