Unopened Treasure: The Secret Tomb of the First Chinese Emperor – 24 Amazing Facts

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The tomb of the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, despite being one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of all times, endures as a mystery to archaeologists and historians as it remains largely sealed up and unexplored. The strange and deadly history of the tomb and its contents was sealed within and buried beneath vegetation for thousands of years.

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  1. Ross City of Liverpool.

    I would not be surprised if someone or many have been inside the tomb and robbed from it.

    1. Wyn Williams

      OH it has been looted to some extent for sure by Xiang Yu and at least parts of it destroyed by fire at the same time, there ay be hardly anything left or maybe only parts were looted and burnt we need to go look 🙂

    2. Russian Federation

      wheres your proof?! Idiot! you idiots say it was looted, dude going init would kill you

    3. Ro Ha

      Russian Federation chill dude.

    4. Radiation

      @Russian Federation ohh my my , a putinist lover here , communist lover too of course

    5. Morten Christensen

      Its been looted for sure.. Just like all the Toombs of Egypt. Tuts grave was hidden by natural events back then and survived for that reason alone. They don’t dig this one out for the simple reason that it,s been looted long ago. So many knew what was hidden there so of course, they would loot it after… And if that’s true it would be a modern cultural Chinese tragedy. That’s why they leave it alone and come up with excuses. But something is left there for sure. But i don’t think we should expect another Tutankhamun event here… Now I may be wrong of course,, but that’s just what i believe.

  2. Vincent Ciaramella

    I love the music. Can you please tell me what it is.

  3. Gary Tipton

    Mercury levels are so high there, if anyone has been in they have high levels of mercury poisoning

    1. Russian Federation

      Gary Tipton no, You die once your init, the mercury amount is so big that youd die

    2. Mikey Unovapix

      they could send in a robot to record the inside of the tomb. perhaps even work on disabling the traps(though I’m pretty sure they no longer work with wood rotting away over 2200 years) and using respirators for filtering mercury vapor.

    3. Packet

      @Mikey Unovapix I think they fear a trap may collapse the whole tomb

  4. Talking Cracker

    I heard about this in 2012 and it randomly popped up in my head, so it being 5 years since then, I was hoping at least something important may have been discovered, but nothing at all. Yes, the tomb is looted, and there’s no saying the traps will or will not still work, but there are definitely traps. I mean the guy built over 8,000 terra-cotta soldiers to serve him in the afterlife and literally killed anyone who knew about the building of the tomb. So i’m sure its heavily looted. And then there’s the danger to the exposure of mercury. But as for destruction of the site, if over 2000 years ago they were able to create such a magnificent tomb, i’m sure 2000 years later we can open it, it will have to be fragile and will take time. But I say open the damn thing already, I want to be alive to witness it.

    1. Will Kim

      If anyone can loot the emperors tomb, they are probably immortal

    2. Justin _

      That’s not what ‘looted’ means…

    3. Honey Oo

      if it was that simple, they would have done so already. They aren’t worried about the traps. You are talking about the same archaeological team that weren’t hesitant to dissect the 2000 year old mummy of Lady of Dai.
      The problem is what they faced when they opened much later tombs of other royals before. Due to the fact that they’ve been sealed air tight (eg. Lady Dai) for at least over a thousand of years, the environment inside and outside have changed drastically. Add to that is the air pollution in China. Now what they observed after they opened later dynasty’s tombs is that once they let the air and light in, the fragile material that has been sitting there (protected for a thousand year), immediately started fading and crumbling due to exposure of light and reaction with the new air. Yes we can see it for a while, but it will inevitably be changed or destroyed without the technology to contain it. Same for Lady Dai, her preserved 2000 year old corpse started to have a more wrinkly look the more she was exposed in the new future environment.

  5. Sun Wu

    Bruh…the 22nd picture is a machine from Leonardo Da Vinci. WTF

    1. Justin _

      yeah the ancient chinese had da vinci prototypes built to protecc tomb. very advanced.

    2. Preston Priebs

      Justin _ you realize da vinci wasn’t alive back then

  6. 灵弦

    秦始皇的陵墓是不会打开的 因为不能打开它

  7. Martin Coté

    By waiting like this they may be endangering their heritage, maybe the tomb is degrading rapidly and needs immediate restoration. That’s the stupid logic of communism instead of growing some balls and going in there and showing the world what is probably the greatest tomb of all time COMMIE CUCKS…

    1. Aqyn ???

      It was finished in 208 BC. If it’s been “degrading rapidly” in the last 2200 years, waiting another few decades isn’t going to change anything.

  8. everyday life

    The only one thing i wanna see. Who cares about alien!

    1. FoxRNG

      I care about aliens

    2. Dominic Schmidt


  9. 列龙

    the music is cool

  10. God of Destruction Beerus

    1:51 he summoned shenron!

  11. Looking Forward

    In this video in total concusion?

  12. Warren george anthony Chen

    Yo alien see some light work here go in that and let’s see what’s all in there, do it and show it within a few days

  13. Yokei986

    Ei Sei !!!!

  14. Brian Roldan

    Definitely a pyramid

  15. Light Owl

    I say tunnel into it for a camera probe, then light the place up to take videos and pictures.
    Only evil hides away in secrecy, humanity needs to follow the light being open honest and true.
    That’s the real magic of knowing, understanding existence as the positive not a negative.
    Light of Truth always conquers the Darkness of Evil, it’s just a matter of Time✌🏻

    1. Ancient Origins

      THanks for watching! Glad you enjoyed. It would be nice to see inside the tomb.

  16. UltimateAdigaGamer

    We built space stations but can’t unearth this tomb, fascinating, must be one hell of a tomb!

    1. no way

      comparing apples to pears…

  17. Mr Leon The Smirfy

    I always wonder how did the historian sima qian know what was inside the tomb hundreds of years after the first emperors passing since in documentaries don’t say how he knew since the tomb is very toxic with mercury ?

    How did he get pass the traps etc inside the tomb?

    Could he been inside the tomb and found what was inside and even found hidden doors to go in and out?

    Could sima qian been inside the tomb or did he broke inside the tomb and steal the treasures or did he have family that helped built the tomb and could be the reason why he knew all this stuff?

    Why didn’t the know about the terracotta army?

    How did the first emperor get more than 500 tones of mercury inside his tomb?

    I bet the government have already been inside the tomb and I bet inside the tomb is the most valuable thing on earth?

    Just imagine the technology to use to open the tomb so nothing decays that’s advance technology and I wonder what’s inside.

    I wonder if the 2nd emperor of china or the emperor who built the forbidden city or other emperors of china ever tried to see what’s inside his tomb?

  18. D. Day

    Jus bet the Chinese gov has been in the tomb.

    1. Ancient Origins

      Maybe! Hopefully one day we’ll know. Thanks for watching.

  19. Jv Young

    goverment kill the farmaers

  20. Andrew Joseph Thomas Cooper

    They need to ventilate the tomb, by doing a huge pump and air filtration system to pump fresh air in and allow the toxic air to be pumped out threw filtration.

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