The Serapeum of Saqqara – Stephen Mehler on Ancient Origins

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Stephen Mehler, researcher and author, explores the fascinating site of the Serapeum of Saqqara, a huge subterranean complex located north west of the Pyramid of Djoser, a necropolis near Memphis.

Many believe that bulls associated with the Apis Bull cult were buried in the stone boxes found in the chambers within the Serapeum. But in this talk, provided in celebration of the one year anniversary of, Stephen Mehler, reveals another more plausible explanation regarding exactly what these stone boxes were used for.

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  1. Aliensrdumb

    kudos againm pics rock

  2. Dr. Lewis E. Graham

    Keep exploring, Stephen!  Our history books are incomplete….


    I dont think a power station

  4. Cort Richards

    It is known that when the Serapium was originally opened and explored, they found that the tunnels went much farther back than ‘they’ ever thought. In fact, ‘they’ have never found the end of many of these tunnels that go under and down beneath the Gizeh Plateau. This is why many of the tunnels are now blocked off today. The so called Egyptologists don’t have any idea of where these tunnels lead and how far they go! No one has yet dared to explore these tunnels all the way to their ends or wherever it is that they eventually lead to. They go for miles, supposedly in some cases and people have been lost in them never to be seen again. Hence, they are now blocked off. But, of course, you have Hawass and cohorts who refuse to let anyone explore the tunnels for fear of them finding something that doesn’t fit it with his ( Hawass’ ) view of Egyptology and ancient Egypt itself. So, one has to wonder where these tunnels eventually lead to and what or who they hide or protect. The Serapium itself is a very mysterious and unexplained site in and of itself. Research the Apis Bull Cult for more info. There are a lot of great articles and personal experiences to be found using Google or whatever search engine you prefer regarding the Serapium and it’s mysteries. Check them out for yourself and be prepared to be surprised and blown away. Cheers!

  5. Theseustoo Astyages

    “We can’t believe that they were made just for mummified bulls…”

    This is something of a straw-man… the ‘mummified bulls’ were not JUST ‘mummified bulls’… they were the remains of the sacred Apis Bulls, who were considered to be the physical incarnation of the god Ptah…

    Given the that the Apis bull cult is one of the earliest Egyptian fertility cults, it is easy to see that these bulls were at least as important to the ancient Egyptian people as their pharaohs were, so it is not really surprising that they should go to quite extraordinary lengths to take the same kind of care of their remains as they did with the pharaohs…

    A bull’s head was even discovered in the tunnels, apparently, but this still doesn’t help  Mr Mehler believe they were for bulls… but it shouldn’t be surprising to find that these tombs were found empty, as mummified remains have been thought to have ‘magical’ powers and tomb robbers my well have stolen their remains; the head that was found in the tunnel to me suggests that at least one set of tomb robbers was ‘caught in the act’ and had to drop their booty and run…

    And the ‘argument from incredulity’ is a logical fallacy…

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