Exploring the Stonehenge Environs with Maria Wheatley

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Maria Wheatley, author and researcher, sheds light on the fascinating site of Stonehenge, located in Wiltshire, England. While most people associate Stonehenge with the famous circle of standing stones, Maria explains there is much, much more to the area than just the stone circle. Through an exploration of the Stonehenge environs, Maria pieces together for the listener exactly what the landscape would have looked like thousands of years ago.

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  1. sadol11

    Very difficult to understand with that sound. But keep it up, love your work April.

  2. Erba Lumkan

    Stonehenge is a fraud

  3. Terri D Edwards

    Maria wonderful information!
    I have been fascinated with Stone Henge for years, I wish I could visit!
    I could put my theory to the test, I believe it an ancient Healing Complex, early man was taught to use the earth’s energy to heal, a massive complex for all who make the pilgrimage. I have nerve and muscle damage from a accident 20 years ago, something has always pulled my interest in Stone Henge, then I heard some years ago, to pour water over the green stones, then pour water over area that needs healed…? It just makes since, let me know what you think?

  4. Alexa Fonseca

    Hello everyone, I do believe in the power of crystal healing, stones and of course if you feeling an innate notion that would help you, well trust that instinct…our instincts never fail. As for the water and stones, look for what stone will help with the discomfort, look for stones that called your attention, and finally depending on the region on your body that you had the injury, look for what chakra dominates that area, what emotion controls that area of your body and also work on it. All synchronizes, or it is interchangeable. Good luck to all. Beautiful voyage to the Stonehenge…
    Lovely, thank you for sharing the wonderful story.

  5. Alexa Fonseca

    Hello Maria,
    Would you speak more in detail about that giant stone circle…is incredible, super!!! interesting…

  6. Anne

    If only more people would believe this, the Recalibration of humans and the earth would go more smoothly!!!!!!

  7. Blueyz

    The video needs improvement, it was poor and distracting but the audio was good and kept me listening. Fascinating and insightful. Always been interested in Stonehenge as I was born on June 21, Summer Soltice, and always felt drawn to mystery of Stonehenge. And to the person Erba Lumkan who made comment that Stonehenge is a fraud, open your mind to what you do not know! Our current age is primitive, study the Mayan calendar to see how naive our current age is, we have much to learn. Do not dismiss things that you are ignorant about. It exists, therefore it is not fraudulent. Just because you do not understand doesn’t mean it is fraudulent. Excellent subject to bring awareness into the fact our ancestors knew much more than we do. Our current society has much to learn!

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