Interview with Alex Teplish: The Epic of the Anunnaki

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Ancient Legends, myths, and religions from around the world have spoken of gods and angels, not always in the spiritual sense, but actual flesh and blood beings interacting with mankind. Many of these ancient cultures had vast knowledge of mathematics and astronomy, attributing their knowledge as being handed down from the gods. Who were these god-like beings, known to one of the oldest civilizations, the Sumerians, as the Anunnaki?

Exploring the answers to this question led Alex Teplish to create ‘In the Beginning: The Epic of the Anunnaki’, a graphic novel which conveys the story of the Anunnaki accompanied by incredible illustrations. In this interview, Alex Teplish talks about his perspective on the mysterious accounts of the Anunnaki based on years of research.

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  1. Shermanator Osborn

    @ 17:17 I speculate that Earth was known of as The legendary planet of Gold …beyond the hammerbracelet … a region of the solar system inaccessable to them until a defeated king,fugitive took an extreme measure.Siitchin says that Allulu encountered a reptile and killed it ,out of fear ..never having seen such a thing.
    There is a pre-crossing history 
    Nibiru had an ancient history
    It’s a story even more fantastic

  2. DJ BORG

    whats up with the audio?

    1. Ancient Origins

      What do you mean?

    2. Troll Masters

      @Ancient Origins
      The guest sounds like he is talking into a tin can… Probably a crappy mic on his side. The host is crystal clear.

  3. thobbit60

    So basically he is pedaling his Sci Fi Fantasy book. How disappointing.

    1. alexr14

      Not really, more like taking a theory and putting it into a more approachable format for the masses, packaged as science fiction.

  4. Red Letter Ministries, Inc.

    Excellent. Thanks.

  5. Mic L

    Most of your videos fail to provide decent audio tracks. Considering the fact that you only do online and skype interviews, how about use propper headsets and mics??? It’s THAT simple…

  6. Navaid Syed

    This new hybrid race, human beings, was turning out to be superior then creators with higher intelligence, and multidimensional existence and consciousness. So, they deactivated large parts of human brain and DNA. These modifications resulted into three dimensioniality, limited intelligence, difficulties in attaining spiritual enlightening and short lifespan. They were not able to make permanent changes though and our DNA, brain, spirituality and consciousness has been evolving back to the original state. When we started questioning everything and our forbidden knowledge and consciousness extended, they decided to control us in an occult fashion instead of directly ruling as gods.

  7. Navaid Syed

    They were obsessed with gold because their environment was destroyed by nuclear warfare and was being repaired with gold. More important than this was that the monoatomic gold was critical for their longer lifespan, spirituality and antigravity technology in space and interdimensional crafts.

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