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Welcome to another segment of the Weekly Forecast!

On Monday, the Moon, the Sun, and Mercury are in Leo, encouraging open communication, confidence, and sociability. There is a New Moon in Leo on Tuesday, encouraging self-expression that allows you to release negativity. On Wednesday, both the Moon and Mercury are moving into Virgo, encouraging honest communication and hard work.

The Virgo Moon is in harmony with Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn on Thursday, bringing optimism, introspective work, and productivity. The Moon moves into Libra on Friday, encouraging compromise, negotiation, and diplomacy. The Libra Moon is in conflict with Jupiter, Pluto, Mars, and Saturn on Saturday, which may cause mood swings and surprising feelings.

On Sunday, the Moon moves into Scorpio, in harmony with Mercury and the Sun, making it a great day for planning, manifesting, and focusing on the upcoming work week.

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