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Welcome to another segment of the Weekly Forecast!

We begin the week on Monday, with the Moon in fiery Aries amplifying drive and passion. The Moon continues in Aries on Tuesday, but it’s in conflict with compulsive Pluto, increasing the chances of power struggles and intense emotions. On Wednesday, karmic Saturn is in tension with spontaneous Uranus, which may cause rebellion on a social scale – focus on calming activities.

The Sun enters emotional, creative Pisces on Thursday, marking the beginning of artistic, dreamy Pisces season. On Friday, pleasure-seeking Venus is squared to Mars – this can create romantic passion, but it can also lead to passionate conflicts within relationships.

Mercury finally begins moving direct on Saturday, clearing up misunderstandings and helping you focus – while the Moon is in chatty Gemini. On Sunday, that Gemini Moon is in harmony with social Venus, encouraging connection with loved ones.

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