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Welcome to another segment of the Weekly Forecast!

On Monday, the Capricorn Moon is aligning with Pluto, causing a strong, almost compulsive desire to get work done and be productive. The Moon moves into Aquarius on Tuesday – first, in a hard angle to Uranus, and then in harmony with Venus – bringing surprising news and blessings. The changing Moon is void of course on Wednesday, bringing flat, stagnant energy that may cause mental fog or confusion.

On Thursday, the Sun is in conflict with Neptune, which increases imagination and compassion, but it can also cause confusion. The Moon is in Pisces on Friday, crossing over Mars and Neptune, which amplifies spiritual activity – but it also makes you more susceptible to being taken advantage of. The Moon moves into Aries on Saturday, increasing physical energy, motivation, and passion. On Sunday, the Moon is in conflict with communicative Mercury, which may bring challenges to thought and communication – try to stay open-minded today.

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