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The Moon is in optimistic Sagittarius on Monday, and Venus is in harmony with Jupiter, all bringing positivity, optimism, and good vibrations. The Moon continues in Sagittarius on Tuesday, in harmony with the Libra Sun, encouraging mental activities like studying and learning new things.

On Wednesday, the Moon is in hard-working Capricorn, in harmony with negotiating Mercury, making it a great day for meetings and business deals. The Sun moves into Scorpio on Thursday, marking a new astrological season and a time of emotional depth, a desire for truth, and a need for introspective work. The Moon is in Aquarius on Friday, in conflict with Mercury and Uranus, which can cause moodiness and emotional surprises.

On Saturday, Venus is in harmony with Saturn – a good transit for relationships – you may experience progress in communication in your connections with others. The Moon moves into Pisces on Sunday, in harmony with the Sun and Mercury, encouraging smooth communication, brilliant ideas, and a feeling of nostalgia.

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