Zodiac Shaming … Is it a Thing?

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It sure is! Zodiac shaming is the result of a very simple phenomenon: simplification. This is something we have all experienced: we get asked what sign we are, and when we answer, our interlocutor rolls their eyes and says, “Oh! Yes … it is obvious that you are from Aries,” or “I get along with the water signs, but with air signs… Not so much.” Has this happened to you?

How the Zodiac shaming begins: Prejudices

Psychologically speaking, biases are formed as a result of traumas, ideas and concepts learned through repeated experiences in childhood. These ideas are not necessarily grounded on logic or reason, they’re simply there, in your mind.

If repeated a thousand times, lies can begin to become true, and although this is a law of the advertisement industry, it can also operate in our interpersonal relationships. This is how many times, the bad experiences we have had with certain people lead us to think that: all men are equal, or there is no one more treacherous than a Gemini.

How to overcome Zodiac Shaming

Direct contact is the best way to overcome zodiac shaming  and any type of bias. Just as traveling allows you to open yourself to new traditions and your palate to new flavors, so does contact change your outlook on a group of people. Getting in touch with people of all signs, especially those signs with which you have had problems in the past, can help you overcome the zodiac shaming.

Breaking the ice: another way to end the Zodiac Shaming

One of the easiest ways to end zodiac shaming is to take it with grace. Of course, no Aries likes to be told in his face that he has a bad character, but … What would happen if he responded to the shaming with a more detailed argument? What would happen if, for example, a Pisces were to accept that he can sometimes become very emotional, but it is only because he is profoundly empathic?

How to prepare for the next mixing party and get out of any “zodiac shaming opening line”: Know Yourself 

If you know what motivates you, what your opportunities to grow and your talents are, there is no way that these comments can affect you. Therefore, we have prepared a list of the most common prejudices about each sign and the twist that you can give:

Aries: Short-tempered / I am very sincere about my feelings; you can always trust me.

Taurus: Stubbornness / When I want something, I fight for it tirelessly. You will never see me throwing in the towel.

Gemini: Fickle / I can easily see both sides of a coin and analyze the situation thoroughly.

Cancer: Moody / I connect easily with the emotions of others.

Leo: Egocentric / Yes, I am very sure of myself, but I also know my flaws. I am human.

Virgo: Controlling / Yes, I’m a perfectionist, but it’s because I want everything to go well.

Libra: Indecision / I like the details and I pay close attention to the little things that make life special.

Scorpio: Vengeful / Communication is the basis for a harmonious relationship.

Sagittarius: Inconsistent / I dare to go beyond conventions, so you’ll never get bored of me.

Capricorn: Workaholic / I am disciplined and very oriented towards my goals.

Aquarius: Lack of discipline / It’s not just about falling, it’s also about getting up and starting over.

Pisces: Susceptibility / I think if we were all more honest with our emotions, the world would be a better place.

Do you identify? Ready to go out into the ring? Tell us in the comments your funniest experience of zodiac shaming. We’re all ears! 

Not like those Leo sign guys who are always talking about themselves…

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