Aquarius Zodiac Signs and the Holidays

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Certain holidays have become an important part of Western Culture. Although many of the holidays have similarities in the way they are celebrated, we all have friends and family that have their own original ways of anticipating, preparing, celebrating, and spending the holidays.  The zodiac sign our friend or family member was born under often has a lot to do with this.  Here, we take a look at Aquarius zodiac signs and the Holidays.  Those born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius may feel pressure from time restrictions during the holidays.  This is primarily due to one of their two rulers, planet Saturn. 

Aquarius Zodiacs Signs and New Year’s Eve 

Aquarius zodiac sign people may experience mixed feelings about the upcoming New Year.  On one hand, they are excited about the unknown, but on the other hand, they may feel cautious about moving forward. This is mainly due to Aquarius’s rulers Saturn and Uranus.  Saturn exhibits caution and restrictions, while Uranus is unrestricted and out of bounds.

Aquarius Zodiac Signs and Valentine’s Day

Those born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius may not be viewed as one of the most romantic zodiac signs by their partners.  Their partner may feel they are somewhat emotionally detached for this holiday. 

Aquarius Zodiac Signs and Easter

Many Aquarius zodiac sign people may not celebrate Easter traditionally.  These individuals embrace their own unique spirituality.  Aquarius zodiac sign people don’t like to follow the crowd and can be naturally rebellious.  These individuals are also very humanistic.  This means they may love to give to charity or reach out to those less unfortunate during the holidays. 

Aquarius Zodiac Signs and The Fourth of July

Those born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius will love the social element and excitement of the fourth of July holiday.  Aquarius zodiac sign individuals love the element of surprise and may love to do something spontaneous for the holiday.  This could mean a last-minute trip or picnic.  These individuals, although independent, love socializing and being in groups.  This is due to ties to the eleventh house in the zodiac.  This is the house of friends and social groups. 

Aquarius Zodiac Signs and Halloween

Those born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius will love the variety and versatility Halloween brings.  They will also love to be able to express their creativity with costumes and face makeup.  They also love the element of surprise that comes with the Halloween holiday.

Aquarius Zodiac Signs and Thanksgiving

Aquarius zodiac signs people may place more emphasis on friends rather than family for the Thanksgiving holiday.  This is because Aquarius zodiac sign people usually find friendship to be the most important type of relationship for them.  These individuals may love to host Thanksgiving dinner for a group of their friends or under privileged people.  This is because Aquarius zodiac sign people identify well with those seen as misfits or seemingly misplaced people.

Aquarius Zodiac Signs and Christmas

Aquarius zodiac sign people can alternate between enjoying the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, and needing to retreat into themselves.  These individuals may feel rebellious towards traditionally Christmas methods, having their own unique way of celebrating this holiday.

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