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Western Astrology often places more emphasis on the Sun Sign than the Moon sign.  However, the opposite is true in Hindu (Vedic) Astrology. The Moon sign is particularly important in Hindu Astrology.  In Hindu Astrology, the Moon and the mansions of the Moon form the karmic blueprint of the individual. 

The Moon Sign Virgo Symbolism & Meaning

The Moon symbolizes the emotional themes that run through a person’s life. It often symbolizes the unconscious and automatic systems of the body.  The Moon Sign refers to the emotional and instinctive side of a person’s personality. The sign of the zodiac the Moon was in at the time of a person’s birth is what defines their Moon Sign.  When the Moon transits through a certain zodiac sign, those planetary energies influence and affects the overall collective. Here, we will look at the Moon Sign of Virgo.

People born with Moon Sign Virgo are well organized, detail-oriented and analytical.  They love to analyze data. They also have an innate desire for tasks that involve complexity.   This makes them very good at numbers. Due to the mutable modality of Virgo, they can easily adapt to change.  Moon Sign Virgo people are also very witty and intellectual, due to Virgo’s ruler, Mercury. They love to read and make great writers and editors.   Mercury is home in the sign of Virgo. It is also its sign of exaltation. 

People born with their Moon in Virgo possess an innermost desire to have a home that is perfectly organized and always well maintained.   Materialism is important to those with a Moon Sign Virgo. They love to appear well-dressed in crisp, clean and color-coordinated clothes. Moon Sign Virgo people also have an innate desire to keep their finances well organized to perfection, or at least close to it.  They usually have a fascination with number crunching and analysis. 

When the Moon is in Virgo, people feel inspired to work on practical life matters.  People feel a desire to shop, especially for new clothes, blankets, tapestries, and household items.   Many people will love to focus on material items and reorganization within their homes, influencing them to decorate, reorganize and rearrange.  When the Moon is in Virgo, people feel influenced to engage in mentally stimulating activities such as corresponding in debates or analytical conversations with others. 

The Moon Sign Virgo Health and the Body

The Moon Sign correlates to various automatic systems within the body.  Body systems that strongly correspond to the Moon are the digestive system and the woman’s menstrual cycle.  The Moon Sign can also correspond to specific body parts. Each Moon Sign has a different way of coping with sickness and healing.  Moon Sign Virgo does not want anyone to fuss over them when they are ill. A little goes a long way with these individuals. They are very independent and strive to care for themselves. 

People born with their Moon Sign in Virgo have a desire to be very health conscious. They strive to make healthy choices in their lives and teach others to do the same. Diet and exercise are usually important to them.  Virgo is home to the sixth house of the zodiac, which is also known as the house of service and health. Moon Sign Virgo people desire to take care of others in health-related matters.  They excel in health and service professions.

Moon Sign Virgo is also connected with the digestive system. This makes it imperative that Moon Sign Virgo people take care to recognize the quality of their food, as they are prone to food sensitivities. 

The Moon Sign Virgo and its Divine Feminine Element

The Moon exhibits feminine energy.  Therefore, it infuses any zodiac sign that transits through with a touch of femininity.  It is often more important for women and children than the Sun Sign. If a person has a Moon Sign of Cancer, their mother will play a very important role in their life.  A man’s Moon Sign will determine how he acts towards and perceives the women and children in his life. A man with his Moon sign in Virgo will approach the women and children in his life with practicality. He will desire to provide them with material security. 

Moon Sign Virgo Emotions

Those born with their Moon Sign in Virgo are mostly emotionally stable. They are analytical and usually make decisions based on logic rather than emotion.  They feel well-balanced and easily can go with the flow. Negatively, they can be seen as too critical towards others. Although, usually, they mean well.

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