Career Outlook for Virgo Zodiac Signs

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Virgo Zodiac Sign Work Ethic and Skill Set

Those born under the zodiac sign of Virgo will have a strong and dedicated work ethic.  These individuals tend to exhibit perfectionist tendencies in any matter that they undergo.  They are organized, analytical, pragmatic, practical, and detail-oriented.  Appearance and cleanliness are also important to them.

Best Careers for Virgo Zodiac Signs 

Virgo zodiac sign individuals are ruled by the planet Mercury, making them excellent communicators and negotiators.  They are down to earth and humble, as they exhibit an earth element. 

Due to their mutable modality, they are flexible and easily adapt to change.  Those born under the zodiac sign of Virgo have a keen eye for detail. 

Virgo is also connected to the sixth house of the zodiac, connecting them with health care and service-oriented positions. 

Those born under the zodiac sign of Virgo will excel in healthcare, finance, accounting, decorating, and certain managerial positions.

Top Career Choices for Virgo Zodiac Signs

Accountants, Bookkeepers, Finance – Due to their detailed nature, zodiac sign Virgos will excel in positions having to do with complex numbers, formulas, and figures.  Zodiac Sign Virgos love number crunching more than any other zodiac sign.  From accounts receivable, to accounts payable, to corporate finance, you will find zodiac sign Virgos a well fit.

Computer Science or Analytics – Those born with the zodiac sign of Virgo have analytical minds which make them well suited for careers in computer science and analytics.  They will love computer coding also.

Healthcare  – With their alignment with the sixth house of the zodiac, zodiac sign Virgos are nurturing and caring.  They also love to keep their environments neat, tidy, clean, and sanitized, making them great for work in the healthcare field.  They also make great health care administrators.

Retail Managers – Those born with the zodiac sign of Virgo love organizing inventory and performing routine and orderly tasks.  They love to overlook day to day operations, do purchasing and receiving.  These are the types of tasks of a retail manager.

Interior Decorators – With their keen eye for beauty and detail, those born under the zodiac sign of Virgo will be magnificent interior decorators. 

Administrators – Those born under this zodiac sign are orderly and organized, making them great with making and implementing policies and procedures.  They are great strategists. This makes them excellent administrators of all kinds.

Virgo as an Employee

The Virgo employee will be organized to a fault.  They will love to label and color code files or their own items.  They will be people-oriented and helpful. 

They can, however, be perfectionists so it may be difficult for others to measure up to the Virgo employee in terms of performance. The Virgo employee can also tend to be critical of the other employees.

Virgo as an Employer  

The Virgo employer may be a particularly difficult employer to work for.  They will be a perfectionist about how their company is run. 

Positively, they will maintain order and a system of superior organization within their company.

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