Aquarius in Relationships & in Bed

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Let astrologer Maria DeSimone show you what it’s like when you’re in a relationship with or dating an Aquarius man or woman. Learn about their personality traits, likes and dislikes, and what they bring to the bedroom!

Want personalized insight into how compatible you are with Aquarius?

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  1. marina leven

    very helpful.bless you.thank you

  2. Shay lynn111

    We are awesome, plain and simple, we tend to like a few people at once though. But we can be very loyal if treated right.

  3. Cynthia George

    This is so off base I’m an aquarius and so is my spouse

    1. coldspagettiful


  4. M.Talaal

    I am an Aquarius…once i get attached i become emotional and possessive… and i don’t think before feeling at all… i LOVE when my gf is clingy n possessive.. i am NOT creative at all… and i have created drama a bunch of times times in life.. zodaic sign traits are b.s


      Interesting, M. Talaal! I wonder what else is going on in your birth chart that would contradict the Aquarius traits. It sounds like you may have a lot of Scorpio in your chart. Have you ever looked up your Birth Chart?

      You can run a Free Report here:

      Have fun! Give it a try!

    2. kayla; ,

      you have a whole birth chart just saying. you probably having some scorpio in your chart which causes your emotional, clingy, possessive ways lol. i’m an aquarius too & im also emotional when i’m attached to someone/fall for someone because of my VENUS sign.

    3. YCE Ogunwale

      U ain’t just yo sign

    4. Chris Littrell

      I’m an Aquarius and I’m very independent and analytical. I’m not possessive I don’t give a crap what my girlfriend does…. I can’t stand people that use their emotions to think. When somebody tries to be possessive over me or clingy, I walk away. That’s draining

  5. XxNightrapxX 21

    I’m a Aquarius and everything you said in the video was true (for me at least) but the one thing I don’t understand is that why do I get angry all the time either it is one of  my friends,  family, or heck even my own gf. Is this normal for an Aquarius to have a dark side like this???

    1. Shoshanna M

      I am Aquarius and my greatest tendency and NEED is for a distinct Cynical Nature. Give and Take. So, short answer…Yes 🍷

    2. XxNightrapxX 21

      @Shoshanna M that is good to hear from another Aquarius

    3. Kevin L Williams

      Yes it is I’m a aquarius if ppl annoy us tells what we cant do or say controlling. When angry its like jean gery becoming the Phoenix! Im being very serious.we hold it in and explode with angry and rage when unleashed.

  6. Prinxess Mylee

    Bruh this don’t sound like me and all y’all do is bein faul like don’t play with me period sis like get y’alls facts right

  7. YCE Ogunwale

    Imma Aquarius man (15) and dis sht be RIGHT. like everything

  8. Shoshanna M

    Yes, please…Bring on all toys 🍷

  9. Elizabeth Anderson

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  10. Ms. Lee

    I have dated an Aquarius for 2 years. He is cool with toys in bed. He started talking to me about marriage pretty early on. At 1st I was nervous about it. Now I don’t mind him talking about marriage.

  11. HotSauceLeadFree

    As a Scorpio with an Aquarius 💀 I am possessive and needy 💀
    Struggle is real

  12. coldspagettiful

    nah this is general about aquarius and not for love! women aquariuses only feel feel feel! thinking – never! they believe in absolute love and are obsessive like love vampires!

  13. vSadistic Mind

    Nuh no sex toys needed, I am the toy 🧸

  14. teri day

    Aquarian men are truly not part of this world. The real world is only part of their consciousness and experience. As an astrologer you don’t need me to tell you that aquarians often have some physical characteristics of the opposite gender.

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