These Zodiac Signs Will Find Love In 2020

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Who needs to open up more? Who needs to try new things? Who must make better emotional connections? We’re talking all that AND more…

Kicking off our list, this Maiden sign has a brand new opportunity to find love in 2020. Born between August and September 23rd, Virgo’s are ruled by the planet mercury. Starting on January 1st, 2020, Mercury will meet with Jupiter, which happens to rule over Capricorn. This gives the mighty Virgo a shot at a new relationship. They will also have luck with Leo.

Remember how we just mentioned that Capricorn will collide with Virgo? Well, the famous Sea-Goat sign will also see benefits from this. Born between December 22nd and January 20th, the Saturn-ruled Capricorn will likely find someone in 2020.

2020 will no doubt be a winning year for the bull! At least in their love life. Born between April 20th and May 21st, this iconic Venus-ruled Taurus is in for a productive year of growth. Within the first few months, a Taurus will begin a new courtship with someone special. With a little work, this relationship will hopefully blossom into something amazing!

Considering this lovable archer is one heck of a catch, it shouldn’t be difficult for them to find someone come 2020. Born between November at December 22nd, Sagittarius has the power of Jupiter guiding its every move.

If you’re the Water-Bearer sign, you’re in luck in the romance department. Born between January 20th and February 18th, the Uranus-ruled Aquarius is known for being thoughtful. Humanitarians in away. They fight for equality and go to battle against injustice wherever they find it. Aquarius enjoys the feeling they get from helping other people. The feeling of contributing to society.

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