Career Outlook for Aquarius Zodiac Signs

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Aquarius Zodiac Signs Work Ethic and Skill Set

Those born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius possess a well-disciplined work ethic for the most part.  This is because of their ruler, planet Saturn.  Aquarius is also ruled by the planet Uranus. Uranus is the planet of originality, making no two Aquarians the same. 

The planet Uranus also has to do with revolutionary ideas, freedom, and technological advancements.  This makes many Aquarians well suited to work in technology, science, and creative and inventive sectors. Aquarians are independent, creative, social, and work well in teams and groups.

Best Careers for Aquarius Zodiac Signs

The zodiac sign of Aquarius is home within the eleventh house of the zodiac.  The eleventh house of the zodiac has to do with friends, acquaintances of all sorts, and benefactors.  This makes those born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius well suited at working within teams and groups within the workplace. 

Even though Aquarius born people can be independent and sometimes aloof, their connection to the eleventh house makes them highly sociable at the same time.  They will excel in jobs and careers that involve working with the public and with people in general.  The creative and revolutionary ideas of Uranus make Aquarius people ideal for technological and scientific jobs and careers.  They may be inventors or creators.

Top Careers for Aquarius Zodiac Signs 

Scientist/Inventor- Aquarians are original and creative thinkers.  They are also intellectual and analytical, is due to the flowing air element.  This combination makes those born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius brilliant and unique scientists and inventors. 

Social Workers/Advocates/Activists- Aquarians are natural humanitarians.  They are often concerned with social justice and social welfare issues.  This makes them comfortable acting in roles that are helping humanity.  They also love to rally around a cause.  They will be well-suited to work as social workers, social advocates, and within social activism.

Artist- Aquarius zodiac sign people are creative and self-expressive.  They often need creative outlets that allow them to channel their original ideas and points of view.  This type of self-expression is vital to their well-being, even if it is not all that lucrative.  Aquarius zodiac sign born people will be found as painters, graphic artists, and sculptors.

Aquarius as an Employee 

The Aquarius employee will work well in teams and work groups.  They will get along well with others and may be a social butterfly.  They can be well-disciplined and well-rounded.  They will offer original and innovative ideas and thoughts.   However, you may find that they call off work a little more than usual.  This is due to their need for freedom and other outlets.

Aquarius as an Employer  

The Aquarius zodiac sign Employer will often not be present at the company and have someone else overseeing things.  This is because of Aquarius’s freedom-loving nature, and often aloof manner.  This means that they will take a lot of time away from the office to pursue other tasks, projects, or hobbies, or to travel. 

When they are present within the company, they easily get along with their employees and have a relatable and social demeanor that makes their employees feel comfortable. 

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