Zodiac Signs and Beauty

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Aries Zodiac Signs Beauty

Aries Zodiac Sign people are ruled by the red planet, Mars.  This naturally makes the color red and red tones of all kinds well suited for these passionate people.  They can’t go wrong with red nail lacquer and red lipstick.  Luxe eyelashes will also go well with their fiery nature.

Taurus Zodiac Signs Beauty

Taurus, being ruled by Venus, identifies especially well with beauty. These folks exhibit an earth element, making earthy shades a must in their eye palette.  Taurus zodiac sign individuals are very sensual in nature.  All over body shimmer is a must in their beauty regimen, helping them to feel radiant and sensual when they step out.

Gemini Zodiac Signs Beauty

Makeup that has the appearance of being upbeat and cheery suits Gemini best.  Gemini is often the life of the party and needs to look their best.  Gemini zodiac sign people will have an eye palette of pink tones and hues.  A fruity-scented fragrance will also be well suited for them.

Cancer Zodiac Signs Beauty

Those born under the Zodiac Sign of Cancer are ruled by the Moon. They also exhibit a water element.  These folks will favor blues and turquoises in their eye palette.  They will also love to have a glowing look about them.  This makes powdery shimmer, glow tonics, and glitter beauty products high on their list.

Leo Zodiac Signs Beauty

Leo Zodiac Signs can get away with a huge array of color schemes when it comes to cosmetics.  These folks are born entertainers with a variety of different looks.  Ruled by the Sun, their eye palette will have bright colors such as yellow and orange shades.  Leo may also love to experiment with different designed nail wraps, particularly those that stand out.

Virgo Zodiac Signs Beauty

An organized beauty routine will be important for those born under the zodiac sign of Virgo.  Virgo’s may use gemstone facial rollers to keep their skin looking toned. Like Capricorn, these individuals will favor earth-toned colors with regards to their eye shadow palette and lipsticks.  They will also favor minimalistic beauty products that provide a crisp and clean overall look.

Libra Zodiac Signs Beauty 

Like Taurus, Libra zodiac sign people are ruled by Venus.  Venus governs beauty and aesthetics.  This makes a beauty routine and beauty products very important for these individuals.  Libra zodiac signs will love to use a PH balancing cleanser for their skin.  Floral fragrances such as pink peony, freesia, rose, and lily of the valley are all great scents for Libra.

Scorpio Zodiac Signs Beauty

Scorpio zodiac signs exude sexuality.  These folks can highlight their sensual eyes with long and luxurious glue on eyelashes.  Dark tones and mauve or purple lipstick are well suited for them.  Fragrances that include hints of citrus and cedarwood are also well suited for Scorpio zodiac signs. 

Sagittarius Zodiac Signs Beauty

Sagittarius zodiac sign people love adventure, and this will show in their overall look.  They favor an edgy and trendy overall appearance. Purples, greens, and reds  will be found in their eye palette.  They will also have more trendy cosmetic bags than most of the other zodiac signs because they are always travelling and on the go.

Capricorn Zodiac Signs Beauty

Capricorn zodiac sign people exhibit an earth element.  These folks are naturally conservative, which usually makes their beauty regimen the same.  Their eye palette will have brown and earthy toned colors. They may use a brown bronzer also.  Their skin is important to them, so they will most likely use a minimalistic skin serum.

Aquarius Zodiac Signs Beauty

Besides Leo, Aquarius zodiac signs people can get away with a vast number of shades, tones, and colors.  Aquarius zodiac sign people are the most unique of the zodiac signs, and their beauty supplies and regimen will also project this.  These individuals will be drawn to unique and off-beat beauty products like glitter eyelashes, sparkling body glitter, and anything that makes them stand out in the crowd.

Pisces Zodiac Signs Beauty

Pisces is ruled by Neptune.  This makes dark colors like blues and purple well suited for their eye palette.  These individuals are dreamy and creative, making them the same way when it comes to their beauty supplies.  These individuals will love to mix different shades and come up with their own.  They will also love anything that sparkles, making glitter eyeshadows a must in their collection.

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